Eco Bank Transfer Code and Eco Bank USSD Code for Transfers, Airtime Purchase, Loans, etc

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Eco bank transfer code and Eco bank USSD code

Are you a new customer of Eco Bank? Or did you just open an account with us but have forgotten the code? Worry no more. Gone are the days of endless paperwork and laborious in-person banking transactions.

With the advent of cutting-edge technology and innovative banking solutions, customers can now easily and swiftly carry out their banking activities from the comfort of their mobile phones.

One such technology-driven solution is the Ecobank USSD codes, which offer a seamless and hassle-free way for customers to access a range of banking services.

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What is the Eco Bank transfer code?

The Eco Bank transfer code is a short code that customers can use to perform banking transactions on their mobile phones. With the Eco Bank transfer code, customers can perform different banking transactions such as:

  • Sending money to other Eco Bank accounts

  • Sending money to other bank accounts in Nigeria

  • Paying bills

  • Recharging airtime and data

  • Checking account balances and transaction history

How to activate the Eco Bank transfer code

To activate the Eco Bank transfer code, customers must have an Eco Bank account and a mobile phone number that is registered with Eco Bank.

Once these requirements are met, customers can follow the steps below to activate the Eco Bank transfer code:

1. Dial *326# on your mobile phone

2. Follow the on-screen prompts to create a 6-digit PIN

3. Confirm the PIN

4. You will receive an SMS confirmation with your new Eco Bank transfer code.

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How to use the Eco Bank transfer code

Once the Eco Bank transfer code is activated, customers can use it to perform a variety of banking transactions. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Eco Bank transfer code:

1. Dial *326# on your mobile phone

2. Select the banking transaction you want to perform from the menu

3. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the transaction

4. Confirm the transaction by entering your 6-digit PIN.

List of Eco Bank transfer codes and USSD codes

With its commitment to customers’ comfort, Eco Bank now provides different transfer codes and USSD codes that can be used to perform different banking transactions. Below is a list of Eco Bank transfer codes and USSD codes:

  • Transfer code: *326#

  • Airtime recharge code: *326*Amount#

  • Eco Bank balance inquiry code: *326*0#

  • Eco Bank transfer to other banks code: *326*Amount*Account Number#

  • Bill payment code: *326*Amount*Payment Code#

  • Data recharge code: *326*Amount*Mobile Number#

  • PIN change code: *326*1#

It’s good to know all these codes. Technology has made things simple. Kindly add this to your bookmark or reading list on your browser so that you can have access to it every time.

Moving forward, let me explain some codes.

How to check your Account balance using the Ecobank account balance code

To start with, the Ecobank account balance code allows customers to easily check their account balance at any time and from anywhere.

By simply dialing *326*0# on the phone number linked to their Ecobank account, customers can get an instant display of their current account balance.

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The code comes with a user-friendly onscreen prompt that guides customers on what to do next.

Once you enter your USSD authorization pin, your account balance is displayed on your phone screen, and you also receive an SMS alert confirming the transaction. However, it is important to note that customers are charged a fee of 20 Naira each time they use the code to check their account balance.

How to recharge your mobile number using Ecobank USSD code for airtime

Furthermore, with the Ecobank USSD code for airtime, customers can easily recharge their phones with airtime or buy airtime for loved ones.

The code works across all mobile networks in Nigeria, including Glo, MTN, 9mobile, and Airtel.

To recharge your phone, you need to simply dial *326*Amount#.

Customers can also use the Ecobank USSD code to buy airtime third-party mobile numbers.

Alternatively, you can buy airtime for others, by simply dialing *326*Amount*Recipient’s phone number#.

How to apply for a loan using ECO Bank USSD code

Last but not least, the Ecobank loan USSD code offers customers the ability to obtain short-term microloans on their mobile phones through the *326# Eco bank loan USSD code.

This service is called the Xpress loan, which is a quick and digital loan product that allows eligible customers to easily obtain loans without the need to apply physically at the bank.

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To be eligible for the Eco bank loan, customers must have an active Xpress save account, and BVN details, and meet Eco bank tier 1 KYC requirements and credit score.

To apply for an Xpress loan, customers need to follow a simple process.

  • First, they need to dial *326# on their mobile number.

  • select option 7, and choose “Xpress loan.”

  • Then they can select their preferred loan amount, loan period, and agree to the terms and conditions.

  • If the application is successful, customers receive an SMS confirming their transaction with advice on loan rental and payment due date. After a few minutes, their required loan amount is credited to their account.

FAQ on Ecobank USSD Codes

How do I activate my Ecobank USSD transfer code?

Which bank uses * 326?

The Eco Bank is the only bank that uses the *326# code.

Why is my Ecobank USSD code not working?

There are several reasons behind your Ecobank USSD code not working, they include;

  •  No strong service by your ISP

  • Technical issues from the bank

  • Wrong code

  • Inputting code on unregistered SIM.

Please kindly check this list to troubleshoot the issue. If you’re still unable to perform this function, report to any physical Ecobank in your Area.


Thanks for reading to this great end. That’s all about the Ecobank loan USSD code. I hope you have found the desired solution. If you have any questions, hit up the comment section and we will reply to you promptly.

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