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5 Important Questions Your Website Homepage Must Answer

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Did you know that as a website designer or website owner, you have just a few seconds to make a first impression on your visitors? In this short piece, I’m going to reveal to you just 5 important questions your website homepage must answer that’ll stop you from losing important visitors.

When a new visitor lands on your website homepage, he/she will spend the first few seconds scanning the page. Those few seconds on your homepage will determine if they’ll buy from you, read your content, learn more or go to another website (owned by your competitor).

“The first few seconds visitors spend on your website (especially the homepage) are critical and you have to make them count.”

What is the website homepage?

Your website homepage is the page that acts as a door to all other important pages on your website and includes vital features to make sure visitors are retained.

On a blog, the homepage contains the recent and most popular articles, post categories, and ads (from businesses with the highest bids for those spots).

Why is the homepage important?

The homepage is important because it is the most visited page on any website. If a visitor comes in via a blog post and such visitor wants to know more about what your website or blog is about, such visitor will still have to go to the homepage to check. And if you fail to make such a visitor stay, you lose him/her forever.

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How should the website homepage be designed?

The way a business website is designed is different from the way a blog is designed. The website homepage of a service provider should hint to the visitors what kinds of services are provided and compel them to buy while the homepage of a blog is to ensure visitors read the articles.
Below are 5 questions your website homepage should answer if you mean business as a website designer or website owner.

5 important questions your website homepage should answer

1). What site is this?

Remember the homepage is the door that leads to other pages on your site? It should state clearly, in an unconfusing way and in a matter of few seconds, what your website is all about, what you do and how you will be solving your visitors’ problems. If you fail to answer this one question, your visitors won’t live to remember what you do as a website owner and aren’t coming back.

It will be difficult for you to answer this question if you do not know your target population.

2). What do they have on this website?

What are things you have on your website? What services do you render? Your homepage should be able to answer these. If it’s a blog you run, the homepage should clearly show the kinds and categories of articles you publish.

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3). What can I do on this website?

After showing your website visitors what your site is about and what you have on it, you should direct them to how you want them to act and what to do next it may be BUY NOW, SUBSCRIBE, LEARN MORE, and so on.

This is to make sure your visitors do not think too much.

4). Why should I stay on this website – and not some other site?

Do you want visitors to stay on your website or blog? The answer is to make sure the questions above are answered and you have compelling copies in those sections.

Give and show them things that make your business unique and why you’re the best in your niche.

Do you grab? You may need the service of a copywriter.

5). Where do I start, if?

After knowing what your website is about till the point where you were able to convince them to stay? The next important thing is CTA (Call-To-Action) buttons.

  • If your visitors want to search for something, show them where to search.
  • You want them to buy from you, show them your shop.
  • If they want to call or contact you, show them where to do that.
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Don’t make them think too much!

Your failure to do this will make you lose the visitors that are interested in what you offer.

As a website designer, if you could design a website that answers all these questions, you would help your client make the best of his/her website and do what it should do.

What you should not do to your homepage

While it is compulsory and important to make your website homepage answer these questions, YOU SHOULD NOT MAKE THE HOMEPAGE TOO CROWDY. Let the page answers the most important questions so that it will not overwhelm your visitors and it will be less noisy.

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Wrapping up 5 important questions website homepage must answer

Are you a website designer, blogger, or website owner? This article has revealed to you what your website or blog’s homepage should do and not do. It is over to you now to go ahead and make adjustments to your website.

If you fail to make your website visitors stay and/or come back, your competitors will.

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