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Best and Most Reliable Web Hosting Companies and Domain Registrars In Nigeria (See My Top 3)

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Nigeria is a country in western part of Africa continent and since its independence in 1960, a lot have happened. As a Nigerian blogger or someone about to be, do you know the web hosting companies you can choose from when it comes to you choosing one? In this article, am going to give out the lists of web hosting companies in Nigeria and Nigerian domain registrars you can use.

Before I go straight to the list, let me quickly explain some important terms and things.

What is web hosting all about?

According to Website.comWeb hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the internet. A web host or web hosting provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for a website or web page or blog to be viewed on the internet.

Websites are hosted or stored on special computer called servers. When anyone wants to view your site or blog, all they need to do is to type your web address or domain into their browsers. The server of your web hosting provider then renders your website to be viewed by visitors.

To host your website or blog with any web host provider, you need a custom domain and an hosting account. But most companies require you to host your domain with them. And as a matter of fact, it will be easier for you to operate, in that you won’t need to be switching from one company to another.

How to know the right web hosting companies in Nigeria

Before you opt-in to use a particular web hosting provider, how will you know you can trust them? Remember this, if your web hosting provider provides poor services, your website or blog is as good as nothing! To know if your web host provider is on one of the bests, look at these;

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1). What do people say about them? The more people give bad reviews about any company you want to buy from, the farther you should be from such company.

2). How good is their customer support services? There will always be time that you will need to get in touch with your web hosting provider. So, if they are slow to respond or their response is not helpful, you are likely to have a problem. Most of the best web hosting companies has live chat support. E.g Bluehost, Namecheap. Your web host provider also should be vast with whatever CMS you want to install on their server. E.g WordPress, Joomla, Froums etc

3). What of their uptime? At worst, your web host company should have uptime of about 70%. If it’s becoming lower, you may end up abandoning your website.

Services web host providers provide

  1. Email Accounts: Emails such as [email protected]
  2. FTP Access: This will enable you upload files from your local computer to your web server. If you code your own website, you can transfer the file via FTP to your web host server which will allow your website to be accessed through the internet.
  3. WordPress support: This is unarguably the best Content Management System presently. You can either use it for blog or website. Your web host company will provide information on how you can get started on it.

Are there any free web hosting provider?

Yes, there are many free web hosting provider. But, the one and only free web hosting provider you can use and have rest of mind is, Blogger (also known as Blogspot).

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As a matter of fact, Blogger is better, way better than some paid web hosting providers. Any other free web host is a complete waste of time. Believe me, I have been there.

Lists of web hosting companies in Nigeria You can use

Below are the names of of web hosting services in Nigeria you can use and little information about them.

My Top 3 web hosting Companies in Nigeria

1). Domain King
Domain King is one of the best web hosting company and domain name registrar in Nigeria having operations in over 4 countries, Nigeria included. According to them, they have hosted over 6000 websites globally. Their domain registration covers TLD such as; .com,, .org,, .net, .ng etc. To be honest, I haven’t heard any bad reviews about them. To learn more about Domain King, visit their web page.

2). deals in domain registration and transfer, SSL, Web hosting and more. Should you need help, they have live chat support you can use. Visit here.

Qservers has been in business since 2004 and their services include; domain registration, web hosting, SSl certificate and web development. Their domain name starts from N1,000/year. Presently located in 5th Floor Centage Plaza 14 Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State. The way Qservers is, they look promising and am going to use them for my next project. Check them out here.

Other web hosting companies in Nigeria

Web4Africa is an ICANN accredited Domain Name Registrar offering hundreds of generic and country-code domain name extensions. Their services include; Web hosting, WordPress hosting, Domain registration, SSL, and dedicated server. Check web4africa out.

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Registeram also deals in Domain name registration, Web hosting, SSL, free DNS hosting, E-commerce web hosting packages. To try their services, click here to visit Registeram website.

These other Web host companies have services similar to the aforementioned companies. In order not to bore with stories, click on them and visit to check out their services.



(8)Host Now Now


(10)Star Host

(11)Kek Domains


(13)Website Plaza

(14)Tod Host


(16). Afees Host

(17)Abimco Host


(19). Kanes web 

(20). Net Plus

Wrapping up lists of web hosting companies in Nigeria

These are web hosting service providers and domain name registrars companies in Nigeria Assist Blogger is able to put together as at March. Although I have not hosted any of my websites including Assist Blogger on any Nigerian hosting providers before, do not forget to check out reviews about them, both online and offline so that you can avoid stories that touch. I shall be reviewing whichever of the hosts I use in future.

If you would love to use my host, I use Namecheap for hosting and my domains. Feel free to check them out. They are one of the bests globally and affordable with fabulous support.

Would you like to add to these lists of web host provider in Nigeria? Drop it in the comment. Don’t forget to share this article on your social media handles. See you in next articles.

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