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Top Blogs Or Websites For Medical Or Nursing Jobs In Nigeria

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At this information age, it is first come, first served in most cases. If you are not with the first hand information, you may be sorry. As a medical practitioner, do not rely solely on one or two websites or WhatsApp groups for your Nursing or medical jobs. Assist Blogger brings to you top blogs or websites for medical or nursing jobs in Nigeria.

Despite the fact that there are more and more health facilities in the country, more medical professionals are released into the labor market every year.

If you are not current, some important information, especially job vacancies and recruitment may elude you and you may stay longer in the labor market.

After putting the finishing touches to your CV, head on to some of these websites and stay updated.

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Top blogs or websites for Nursing and Medical jobs in Nigeria

1). Nursing World Nigeria (Nursing Jobs)

Nursing World Nigeria is unarguably the best nursing blog in Nigeria for Nursing jobs, vacancies, recruitment, and everything Nursing. NWN publishes job updates on their blog every blessed day. Visit the blog for your Nursing job adverts.

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2). Medical World Nigeria (Medical Jobs)

Medical World Nigeria publishes latest medical issues in the country. They update the website every single day with latest health news, medical vacancies and lots more. Are you a medical practitioner? Make this website one of your favorites.

3). Memo Naija (Nursing and Medical jobs)

Memo Naija is a blog owned and managed by Nrs Adekunle Charles Gold. The blog publishes nursing and medical vacancies daily. For your Nursing jobs vacancy, visit Memo Naija today.

4). Health Information Corner (Nursing and Medical Jobs)

HIC is a blog owned by group of Nigerian Registered Nurses headed by Nrs. Princewill Aghedo. HIC publishes articles not only in job advertisements but also health news and other health issues.

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The blog has more than 15 WhatsApp groups. Visit the blog for frequent nursing and medical jobs updates.

HIC is presently offline.

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5). Medical Nigeria (Medical jobs)

Are you a medical practitioner and newly graduated? Medical Nigeria is one of the websites you should bookmark for vacancy.

6). (General Jobs)

Job Gurus is one of the best job websites and also offers Nursing and Medical jobs openings for medical practitioners. Jobgurus Services is an online Job portal located in Port Harcourt, Nigeria that helps employers get the right employees for their company. The online portal constantly advertises new Job vacancies from small companies as well as multinationals in Nigeria.

7). (General Jobs)

My Job Mag gives you job updates from any walks of life. Part of the profession they cover are nursing and medical professions. Though, not as deeply as the first four website but never say never.

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More websites for medical jobs in Nigeria

I will not want to bore you with similar description of the websites. Below are also some of the websites you can find medical or nursing jobs in Nigeria. Even if you are not a medical practitioner, you will still find them helpful.






More medical jobs websites to be added…..

Wrapping up top blogs or websites for medical or nursing jobs in Nigeria

As a new graduate in Nigeria, the next thing after NYSC is job hunting. If you do not know where to find the right info, you may stay longer than expected in the labor market. Assist Blogger Academy just gave you the websites you can find medical or nursing job updates in Nigeria.

Do you know of any websites am missing out? Kindly share in the comment box. 

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