7-Point Grading System University Of Ibadan (2024)

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Are you considering studying at Nigerian universities but feeling confused about their grading system? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This blog post will serve as your ultimate guide to navigating the maze of grading systems adopted by Nigerian universities in 2024.

Getting to Grips with Grading Systems:

Nigerian universities have diverse grading systems, with some opting for a standardized 5-point scale while others stick to a mixed approach. Here’s a breakdown of the common systems you might encounter:

  1. 5-Point Scale:

    • This system is widely used and involves assigning letter grades with corresponding grade points:
      • A = 70-100% (5 points)
      • B = 60-69% (4 points)
      • C = 50-59% (3 points)
      • F = Below 50% (0 points)
  2. 7-Point Scale:

    • Less common than the 5-point scale, this system also uses letter grades but expands the range, possibly with different grade point assignments.
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Making Sense of Grades:

It’s important to note that interpretations and classifications of grades may vary across universities. For instance, while one university might consider a grade above 75% as a “Distinction,” another might set the bar at 80%. Similarly, some institutions may have their own unique criteria for grade classifications.


Understanding the grading system is essential for assessing your academic performance and progress at Nigerian universities. Whether it’s the 5-point scale or the 7-point scale, knowing how your grades translate into grade points and classifications will help you stay on track with your studies.

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