Harvard Polytechnic Abeokuta Cut-Off Mark For All Courses

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Harvard Polytechnic Abeokuta is known for its excellent academic programs and industry-focused training. To ensure fairness in admissions, the institution has a structured cut-off mark system for its National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) programs. This guide will delve into the details of Harvard Polytechnic Abeokuta’s cut-off marks, providing insights and answering common questions.

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Understanding Cut-Off Marks:

Harvard Polytechnic Abeokuta’s cut-off marks are not fixed and can change yearly. They depend on factors like program competitiveness and the number of qualified applicants. The institution maintains high academic standards, reflecting in its cut-off marks.

Program-Specific Cut-Off Marks:

Cut-off marks vary for each program based on demand and complexity. Generally, ND programs range from 120 to 150, while HND programs range from 140 to 160.

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Role of JAMB UTME and Post-UTME Scores:

Harvard Polytechnic Abeokuta considers both JAMB UTME scores and post-UTME scores for admissions. The post-UTME score evaluates candidates’ readiness for the program.


Understanding Harvard Polytechnic Abeokuta’s cut-off marks is crucial for prospective students. By considering factors like program competitiveness and academic standards, the institution ensures fairness in its admissions process. Prospective students should aim for scores within the specified ranges to increase their chances of admission.

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