University Of Ibadan Postgraduate Grading System (2024)

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Are you considering pursuing a postgraduate degree at the University of Ibadan (UI)? Knowing how grades work is crucial for your academic journey. Let’s break down UI’s grading system in simple terms.

1. What’s the Grading Scale?

UI shifted from a 7-point to a 4-point grading system in 2016-2017. Here’s how it works:

  • A: Excellent (4.00 points) – Scores between 70-100%
  • B: Very Good (3.00 points) – Scores between 60-69%
  • C: Good (2.00 points) – Scores between 50-59%
  • D: Pass (1.00 point) – Scores between 45-49%
  • E: Fail (0.00 points) – Scores below 45%
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2. What Do These Grades Mean?

Grades alone don’t tell everything. UI categorizes your performance based on your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA):

  • First Class Honours: CGPA between 3.50-4.00
  • Second Class Honours (Upper Division): CGPA between 3.00-3.49
  • Second Class Honours (Lower Division): CGPA between 2.00-2.99
  • Pass: CGPA between 1.00-1.99
  • Fail: CGPA below 1.00
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3. Any Specifics to Keep in Mind?

While the general grading system applies, some programs might have special rules:

  • Minimum passing grade: Some programs might need a higher grade than the university’s D (45-49%).
  • Course weightage: Different courses might carry different weights, affecting your overall CGPA.
  • Extra assessments: Certain programs may have additional tasks like projects or presentations that impact your final grade.
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Make sure to check your program brochure or handbook for exact details.

Understanding UI’s postgraduate grading system doesn’t have to be complicated. With this guide, you’re all set to navigate your academic journey effectively!

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