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WordPress Nulled Themes: Should You Use It Or Not?

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Have you considered using WordPress nulled themes before on your blog because you were a bit not that financially buoyant? This article will answer your question as to whether to use it or not.

In 2017, I saw two WordPress themes I’d love to use but I was not financially ready to buy them. Then each cost $61. Then I started searching online on how to download them for free. But the search results were how to download nulled themes of so, so and so.

You know what? I did download one of them but couldn’t install it on my WordPress blog because the style.css was missing!

Just recently, I found out how to install WordPress nulled themes [if you want to use it as a test theme before buying the premium version, drop a comment for help].

I just had to gather up and buy the ZOX News theme and used it for my blogs then.

What are WordPress nulled themes?

These are unethical edited versions of WordPress premium themes that some of its php, and css codes have been rendered so that one can use it on his/her blogs and put up for download on websites different from the theme developer’s website. But unfortunately, these codes may affect your blog negatively.

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The reasons you should not use WordPress nulled themes

I had to do a little form of an interview with one of my friends who blogs and one of my Namecheap WebHost support engineers to really know what they think and have experienced. Funny enough, they told me the same thing.

Mr Mikhail Tsyura from Namecheap WebHost support said;


Abdullah Presido, owner of Best of blogging tips said;

“I don’t advise you use it because it might leak your website security and sometimes, it may redirect your blog to another website.”

He added, “I have seen a guy who used nulled theme. When you visit his blog, it will take you to another site until he removed the nulled theme.”

Other reasons you should not use WordPress nulled themes are;

It leaks your website/blog security details

The nulled themes contain malware that may tamper with your blog security and that of your visitors. The funniest thing about this malware is that your blog will seem to work fine but something fishy is going on underneath. They are not visible to the naked eyes which makes them dangerous. You saw what that Namecheap WebHost engineer said above. If care is not taken, you may lose your website to hackers or even lose your content.

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When you think of deleting, make sure you scan your website before installing other themes.

No support for the theme

Even a professional WordPress user needs support and documentation to make some features work in a WordPress theme. Because you did not buy from the theme developer, you won’t be able to access the theme’s support forum.

Which means, you won’t be able to update the theme to remove old features or bugs. Do not forget WordPress often releases new versions which require your theme to be compatible.

NOTE: This is different from using WordPress themes you get from someone who actually bought it. He/she will provide support.

It is illegal

Remember you are using a product someone has spent time, money, and resources on for free without him getting anything back. It also sends a negative message to upcoming developers who may seem discouraged to make some innovations. Put yourself in the shoe of the theme developers. Now you see how it is.

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SEO issue

WordPress nulled themes may negatively affect your blog’s search engine optimization because of the malware in the theme which indirectly sends negative feedbacks to Google and other search engines. In fact, you may lose your ranking and may have to start all over again.

My advice on using WordPress nulled themes

If at all you must use nulled themes, use it for testing purposes. Either to see how the themes will look and feels or for an important project. If you love it, try as much as possible to get the premium version. If you can not afford a premium theme,

Search your WordPress theme depository you will see millions of free themes to use.

Should you use WordPress nulled themes? Share your experience and let others learn from you.

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