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Should I Blog About What Am Passionate About?

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You probably have heard about people blogging about their passions and that were successful at it. You probably have also heard some bloggers saying, passion do not bring money. I was once wondering and asked if I should blog about what am passionate.

In this short piece, I will share with you my own experience on whether to blog about what you are passionate about or not.

Yes, you should blog about what you are passionate about and you should make what you blog about your passion.

If you want to be successful, do not rely solely on what you are passionate about.

What is passion & What is your passion?

Passion means having strong feelings for something. It can be love, hatred, dislike etc. Your passion is what you have strong feeling of love and enthusiasm for. To know what it is, think about things you love writing about that gives you sense of pleasure and fulfilment. Whatever it is, that is your passion.

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For me, my passion is helping fellow bloggers hence, I created Assist Blogger Academy.

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NOTE: You can blog about what brings in money but if you are not passionate about it, you won’t do it for long. In simple term, you can’t become a successful blogger without passion.

Do people spend money on what you are passionate about?

Let’s assume you already had your blog and it is about what you are passionate about. Answer this short question? Are people spending money on what you are passionate about? If people are not spending money on your passion, your passion is not likely to bring in money for you. But, if it is otherwise, money will swim in.

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Take for example; the annual budget for Weightloss niche as at 2018 was $70bn. If your passion falls in such niche, you are in money if you know what you are doing.

If your passion isn’t bringing money, do these

There are few things you can do to make money from blogging about your passion. If passion isn’t bringing money, you can not blog about what you do not have passion for.

  1. Consider horizontal passion: If your passion isn’t bringing money, look into horizontal (side) niche to support your main passion (niche).
  2. Monetize your passion: Some bloggers don’t even know how to turn passion to money. Say you love writing stories, you can monetize your passion by creating stories in PDF format for sale.
  3. Explore more niches: If you feel that people are not spending on your niche, try more niches in the same line and see which work.
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Wrapping up blogging on your passion

No matter the niche you chose to blog on, if the PASSION is not there, you won’t last long whether there is money or not. The simple thing to do is to be passionate about whatever you do.

What do you have to say to this? Should one blog about what he is passionate about or what is bringing money?

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