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Backlink Generator: What Backlink Is, Backlink For SEO & Free Backlink Checker

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This is a descriptive guide on Backlink Generator: What Backlink is, Backlink for SEO and how to build quality backlinks to your website.

In this guide, you will learn;

  • What Backlink is
  • Types of Back links
  • How to build back links
  • Backlink checkers
  • Best Backlink for SEO

There is no better way to tell search engines your website is worth showing on the search results than having lots and lots of quality Backlinks to your website. Be ready to know – in details – what Backlink is, Backlink for SEO & free Backlink checker in this Backlink Generator.

If you prefer to read offline at your leisure time, DOWNLOAD BACKLINK GENERATOR PDF

You probably must have been hearing a lot about Backlink. In this article, you will know exactly what it is, how to build it and how to check your website for backlinks in the simplest of terms.

It is the joy of every bloggers, webmasters, and businesses to rank on various search engines results for the related term/word(s) or products on their websites.

When you show up on search engine results, especially the first page, the searcher clicks on the result and possibly end up on your blog or website to either read your article or buy from you. That kind of traffic is termed organic/free traffic. The importance is: It is traffic from people who are genuinely interested in your articles, products or services. Hence, it is the best traffic.

Having a website or blog is not all there is. Your website must be able to rank high on various search engines.

For you to rank your website, you need to know how to do SEO, important SEO factors, how to write seo-friendly articles and properly do keyword research.  The most difficult of these is building backlinks, which is the most important SEO factor that can aid your website ranking journey.

What you will get from backlink generator

  • What backlink is, types and how to generate them
  • How backlink is important factor in SEO
  • Lists of 50+ high DA websites to generate backlink from

Don’t just read this article for fun and keep it on your device. If you don’t act, nothing happens. So start building your links immediately.

What is Backlink all about?

Backlink, in plain English, means a link from other websites to yours. Backlink is likened to a vote. Just like in political atmosphere, the candidate with the highest number of votes wins the post (if other requirements are met). It is so in the internet.

The links from other websites, blogs, blog posts etc to yours serves as signals to search engines (Google and others) that your website is worth showing up in the search engine results. The backlinks tell search engines, “hey, this website can be trusted; it’s worth showing up for related terms it talks about.

The more quality votes your website gets, the more your chances of showing up in the search engine results for terms you write about and the more targeted traffics you get.

I know you may be busy and occupied. I can help you build quality backlinks to your website for a token of N2,500 for 15 backlinksN5,000 for 30 backlinks and N10,000 for 50 backlinksCLICK HERE NOW TO ORDER.

Types of Backlinks

There are two types of Backlinks. Viz; Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks. Let’s take deeper look at the two.

What is Dofollow Backlinks?

When someone gives a Dofollow backlinks from his website to yours, it means, “hey Google, this website I link back to is trusted and offer valuable contents, so crawl it with my website and contents.” Google will in return crawl and index that link together with the article.

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Dofollow backlink is like this; <a href= rel=”dofollow”>Assist Blogger Academy</a>.

So you should know, Dofollow Backlink is the best form of backlink. Because it is what really bring about increase in your website’s Domain Authority.

What is Nofollow Backlinks?

When you link back to another person’s website and make it Nofollow, the message search engine gets is that the website or post you link to should not be crawled, index and not followed with your blog post.

This kind of Backlink has zero effect on Domain Authority. The only thing it brings is traffic. That is, if the audiences of the website that gives the backlink are interested in the website or the anchor text is enticing and its from popular website with huge traffic.

What is Anchor text in a Backlink?

Anchor text simply means the keywords/terms you use to link back to either your website or article. For example, Dapo Obembe Designs is a website about Website Design, SEO, Digital Marketing and Blog Designing. If I want to link back to its homepage, I can use WEBSITE DESIGNER or SEO Service or BLOG DESIGNER, or DIGITAL MARKETER. See how;

<a href=”” rel=”dofollow”>Cryptocurrency Course In Akure</a>. “Cryptocurrency course in Akure” is the anchor text.

As a rule of thumb, do not use same keyword as anchor text for either your article or homepage throughout all the back link  you build.

Kinds of backlinks to generate

There are quality and quantity backlinks. Just as in real life, quality is better than quantity. Quantity backlinks are gotten from websites of lower quality, website with almost zero DA. Those are links from junk/spammy websites. They have little to no effect on your blog’s DA.

Quality backlinks are generated from websites with high DA and that are related to your website. A single quality backlink from a website with high DA and related to yours is better than plenty of quantity backlinks from websites of lower DA and quality.

How Backlink works

Backlink is like a vote and a signal Search Engines receive of how useful and significant your website is. Backlink works in a way that brings about increase in your Domain Authority (DA). The more quality backlinks you get, the better for your website’s DA. You should  generate from websites related to yours and have higher DA. Exactly how they bring about increase in DA is not very lucid.

BACKLINK FOR SEO: Why backlink is an important SEO factor

Search Engine Optimization and Backlink go hand-in-hand. You can set up your blog and article in SEO-friendly way, if you lack quality backlinks, it almost amount to doing nothing. Backlinking is one, out of many important SEO factors, to have a better search engine experience on your website.

You should know that there is no ranking without a reasonable Domain Authority and there won’t be any increase in Domain Authority without a reasonable amount of quality Backlinks.

In simplest of term, backlink is a vital seo factor because (large amount of it) brings about an increase in your Domain Authority. When your website’s DA is on the rise, you have better chance of ranking than your competitor who write same contents as you but has low DA. For a full understanding of Domain Authority, check out this article on Moz website.

Ways to build Backlink to your websites

There are some ways you can build backlinks to your website. Out of these ways, one or two of them is seen as more important than other and even have high chances of bringing Dofollow backlinks. Looking for Ways to build backlinks? See below;

  1. Guest Post
  2. Profile backlinks
  3. Blog Commenting
  4. Mentions/Referencing
  5. Reviews
  6. Affiliate/Referrals
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Guest Post: This is a form of promotion where you get a website/blog in same niche as yours and you provide contents they would love to publish on their websites. When you do this, some will even allow you to link back to your other articles other than your website’s homepage.

But mind you, make sure the article you will write for others are of good quality and not copied contents. Trying to guest post copied contents will only tarnish your image as a blogger others can relate with.

Profile links: Some websites have a section for registered members to input their website’s url as part of their profile settings.  All you have to do is get some of the websites that offer such register, update your profile settings. In the article, you get list of 50+ profile links to build links from.

Blog commenting: This kind of links happen in the comment section of any post you find interesting and that in same niche or topic with yours. The simple trick here is to make your comment as meaningful as you can possibly can. The main purpose of this form of backlink is for traffic because it yields Nofollow backlinks unless you include the dofollow tag in your link. Like this; <a href=”” rel=”dofollow”>Website Designer in Nigeria</a>

Mentions/Referrencing: This is the kind of backlinks you get when someone naturally link back to your article because they find it extremely helpful. This is one of the best backlinks. Unsolicited backlinks. Most of them are dofollow.

Reviews: These are links from websites and people that write either about your program or products to let their audiences know how useful the products have been. This kind can also be solicited for.

Affiliate links: Websites that offer affiliate marketing enjoy this way of getting backlinks to their websites. This can also be likened to you advertising your website or articles on other websites.

Which Backlink is the best?

The best kinds of backlink to your website you can build are backlinks from Guest posting, Mentions, Reviews and Profiles. Especially, if they are from websites with higher DA compared to yours.

Can Backlink hurt your site?

Yes, backlinks can hurt your website very badly. If you are not careful of the kinds of links you generate to your website, it can bring about Google devaluing your website from search results. Stay away from links from spammy website and also check the spam score of the website you are generating backlink from.

Are Backlinks important in 2023?

YES, backlink is important factor of SEO in 2023 and beyond! For anyone to rank on search engine, he needs a sound knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Keyword research and must have a high Domain Authority (DA). The best way to increase your DA is via building/generating quality backlink to your website.

When to start building Backlink

Wondering when to start building backlink to your website? It is uncommon that some people wait for months or years before considering building backlinks. You shouldn’t do this. Immediately your website is up and running, you should consider building backlinks to it right away.

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Backlink building is for those that already have custom domains for their websites and NOT REALLY FOR THOSE ON FREE DOMAIN NAMES.

Disadvantages of building backlinks to free domains

Free domain names are domains on free WordPress and Blogspot accounts e.g and It is easy to start a free blog, if you do not want to invest.

  1. No professional blogger will want to link back to yours
  2. You will only be able to redirect free blogspot domain to custom domain whenever you connect it to your blog
  3. Your domain authority will start from zero whenever you buy custom domain. So, all the backlinks you might have generated to the free domain will be gone.
  4. If you start on free wordpress blog, you won’t be ale to redirect your free domain to custom domain. This means, building backlinks on the free domain will amount to waste of time and efforts later on.

How to build profile backlinks in simple ways

Like I said earlier, links from websites’ profiles is one of the ways to generate backlinks to your website. Am going to show you with just an example on how it is done.

To achieve this,

  • Have a separate email account specifically for building backlink, if you have more than one websites
  • Log on to the website
  • Sign up and verify your email IF REQUIRED.
  • Then look out for the profile or settings options. There you will see the place to input your website’s URL and also add your biography.
  • When done, save. That’s all.

Repeat the above steps for all the valid websites I will be sharing with you shortly.


To help you in the quest of increasing your DA, I have combined lists of 50+ high DA websites you can generate profile backlinks to your website. Believe me you, if you can take your time and work on them, you will in no time start ranking.

Worry not, I have tested them and even used them for this website and so many others. As a result, they are doing well on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Click here to download the list of 50+ high DA profile links. Be free to share with friends and fellow bloggers you know.

I know you may be busy and occupied. I can help you build quality backlinks to your website for a token of N2,500 for 15 backlinksN5,000 for 30 backlinks and N10,000 for 50 backlinks.

Like I said earlier, nothing happens if no action is taken. If you read and read and read this article without acting on it, nothing happens.

List of free Backlink checker

There are ways you can check the links to your website via any of these free Backlink checkers. Some of the backlink checkers are;

    1. Small SEO Backlink checker
    2. Uber Suggest
    3. ahref backlink checker
    4. SEO review tools
    5. Monitor Backlinks
    6. Site checker
    7. SEOlium

Any of these free backlink checkers will reveal to you the links both Dofollow and Nofollow links to your website.

What to do with this Backlink Generator

Building Backlink is easier for newbies and with this Backlink Generator by Alpha Web Agency, anyone can understands the very thing Backlink is and how to build it. Don’t read this article for, make sure you act right away.

Now that you have ideas of what backlink is about, do us a favor by sharing this article with your friends and fellow bloggers. See you at the top page of Google’s page.

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