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SEO For Business Website: How To Write SEO-friendly Articles

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This is a descriptive guide on SEO for business website: how to write seo-friendly articles on your website and rank well.

Search Engine Optimization is the food a website in any niche needs in order to survive and thrive on search engines.

Do you have a business websites? This SEO for business website will help your authors.

It is a joy of every business or organization to have tons of traffic from the search engines. Because more targeted traffics means more sale.

These are traffics from people that really need your services. See list of local business directories in Nigeria here

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What is SEO and why should businesses worry?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is the process or techniques of making sure your website show up on search engine result pages when anyone searches for the terms or words related to the kinds of product you offer.

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Remember the last time you use the search engine (Google) to get answers to some questions? Good! That’s how your potential customers are doing too.

A website with a sound foundation of SEO generate organic (free) traffics, which is simply the best traffic ever. Because they are from people who are genuinely interested in your services and are free.

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Why do businesses need writers that know SEO?

It is not only good to be a good writer. It is also necessary to know at least SEO basics if you have online presence for your business.

  1. It helps you understand how search engine works
  2. Helps your business website rank on search engine for targeted keywords
  3. It opens your door to more potential employers as a freelance writer

NOTE: If you do not have the time to write on your website, all you need to do is hire a writer who knows SEO.

Things to do before writing articles on your website

You can not just start writing on your website. Before you do, take note of some things that must be in place on your business website.

  1. Your website must be designed with SEO in mind: You can’t afford to design your website anyhow. Make sure every pages, contents/media on your website are optimized. Take good care of the on-page and off-page SEO techniques. 
  2. Optimize your website for local searches: Will people searching for the kinds of services you render in your vicinity find you if they type on Google similar products as yours? If no, do a thorough local SEO for your website. Start by having contact address and map on your website and then submit your business to local business directories.
  3. Set up your website’s blog section: A website with blog section performs 100%+ on search engine more than a website without one. Website is a static page unless your blog section is included and active. Search engines love fresh contents.
  4. Build lots of quality backlinks: Quality back links will help shoot up your Domain Authority which in turn helps you earn your place on the SERPs.
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SEO for business website: Best way to go

Whether you’re the CEO or a staff at your company with online presence, take note of this section. There is a huge difference between a good writer and a good writer who knows SEO. If you are a writer or an author on any website, take note of the tips below.

SEO tips for website’s Writers/Authors

TIP #1. Do a thorough keyword research:

Keywords are terms or words related to your business, organization or company you write for that people searching for the kinds of products your business offer type in search engine to find.

NOTE: The more popular a keyword is, the more traffic for businesses ranking for it and more sales for them.

There are two types of keywords

1). Short tail keywords e.g health coach, relationship coach, shoes, Blazers etc. They are not more than two words.

2). Long tail keywords e.g Health coach in Nigeria, HMO companies in Lagos state, Homecare Nursing agency in Abuja etc. They are longer and specific (straight to the point).

The best type is long tail keywords.

Tools for keywords research

These are applications and ways you can get popular keywords for your business website to write on and rank for. Some are free while are paid.

  1. Free keyword research toolsUber Suggest, Google trends, Google related searches, Questions from forums and online communities related to your business and customers complaints
  2. Paid keyword research tools: Kwfinder, SEMRUSH, href, Keyword Everywhere etc.
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When you are doing keyword research, go for terms that have HIGH SEARCH VOLUME and LOW SEARCH DIFFICULTY.

After getting your keyword, you can go ahead with the next tips.

TIP #2: Strategically use the keyword in your article

Now that you have gotten your keyword, the next big step is strategically using it in your article. Remember, you are writing for human and Google frowns at keyword stuffing. See how to use keyword in your article below:-

  • Post title: As a rule of thumb, make sure your keyword is at the beginning of your title or very close to it. Also, your post title shouldn’t be more than 65 characters.
  • Post permalink: Your focus keyword must appear in your article link and make it friendly.
  • Use the keyword in the first paragraph: Make sure your focus keyword surfaces in the first paragraph of your article. Reason being that, crawlers see the first paragraph first before the rest of the article.
  • Use it in the Heading (h2) tags: Your focus keyword should be in the h2 tags and other terms synonymous to your keyword. Keywords in h2 tags are also visible and indexable by search engine crawlers.
  • Use keyword in image alternative (alt) tag: Having your focus keyword in at least one of the images in your article makes it more seo-friendly. Not only that, make sure you save the images you want to use for an article the right way. E.g seo for writers.jpg not image.jpg.

This is also necessary for any other media you have in your article.

  • Last paragraph: Ensure you have a way to stylishly put your keyword in the last paragraph of your article. Use this article as an example.
  • Meta description: If you use Yoast SEO plugin on your website, you will be required to set up your focus keyword and meta description. It is the description people see on search result. It does not particularly help in ranking but it is important if you want searchers to click on your website in the search result. It must not be more than 160 characters, include your keyword and must be convincing as possible as you can make it.
  • Linking: Inside your article, link to your previous related post or page on your website. Also, link to external website that provides related contents that your audience may find helpful. You must have at least one external link.
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How long should article be for SEO?

The least length of article is 300 words. As a rule of thumb, article of length more 1500 words is preferred. The longer and detailed your article is, the better. But, if its 350 words that can pass your message across to your audience, go ahead.

How many times should keyword appear in my article?

If your article is 300-350 words, your focus keyword shouldn’t appear more than 3 times. The longer your article, the more you use the focus keyword. If you use more than necessary keyword in your article, it results in keyword stuffing.

How to generate traffic to your business website

There are various ways to drive traffic. One and the most important of them is via SEO (organic/free traffic). Others are;

  • Social media
  • Forums
  • Email newsletters

How to drive traffic is not the focus of this article. In my coming articles, I shall talk more on how to drive traffic without SEO.

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Wrapping up SEO for business website

If you need and want free traffic from targeted people to your business’s website, all you need do is do SEO properly on your website. This article has explained in details how seo for small businesses is done. If you are a writer and you know SEO, website owners will be rushing you.

Don’t enjoy this article alone. Subscribe and share with your friends on social media. See you in next article.

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