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The Best Adsense Account To Buy For AdSense Arbitrage – Prices for Unverified, Verified and Payment Received AdSense Accounts in Nigeria

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In this article, I will discuss the Prices for Unverified, Verified and Payment Received AdSense Accounts in Nigeria and the Best type of Adsense Account To Buy For AdSense Arbitrage.

What is The Best Type of Adsense Account To Buy For AdSense Arbitrage?

For those of you coming to my DM to make inquiries about getting started in Blogging or YouTube content creation and monetization that is AdSense Arbitrage, here’s a breakdown of what it will cost and how you can truly earn a living from it.

There are two ways you can get started. I’m going to talk about the best way first before talking about the other.

METHOD 1 – The Best Method

The reason I say the first method is better is because with it you can start earning some reasonable amounts of dollars from your first day. No caps!

To do this, you will need to get at least a Verified Google Adsense Account (not the payment-received Adsense account for now unless you have the budget. A payment-received Adsense account is always more expensive. And the more times it has received payments from Google, the more expensive it is. Please read this again to understand it.)

Presently, you will need around N500K to buy the Verified Google Adsense Account, properly set up your blog or YouTube, and write create your first 20 pillar content on it. These pillar content are very important as they are going to be the engines that drive your earnings, day in and day out. They will need to be well-written and properly optimized for search engines and user engagements.

After this, you will need another budget (N200K at least) for paying platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Propeller and AdWords to help advertise posts or videos from your blog or YouTube channel on their platforms. This budget can last you for a full month. You can also go lower if your pocket isn’t heavy. This social media advertisement of your contents will help give your site the needed visibility for people to see and interact with your contents and display adverts. Now these display adverts which will be shown on your contents as people read or watch them will all come from the Google Adsense Account you bought earlier.

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Now, the more people read or watch your contents, the more Google will show them adverts they are interested in. The moment they they interact with those ads by clicking on them, Google pays you the owner of the content for that click.

Sometimes, the payment for each of those clicks can be as high as $20 per click. At other times it can be as low as $0.03 per click. It all depends on the country the individual who clicked on the adverts displayed on your contents is coming from. This is the secret behind most of the bloggers, YouTube comedians and content creators you know buying cars and houses up and down.

There’s real money in this first method, but you will need to invest your time not just your money alone learning how to properly do it.

Now let’s talk about the second method. This is the less expensive method.

METHOD 2 – The Long Journey Ride

I actually call the second method The Long Journey Ride for a reason. And that reason is – You will make money with it, but not fast. You will need at least 1 – 2 years at least to receive your first $100 paycheck from Google Adsense using this method.

Now what are the processes involved in this method?

First, you start by choosing a domain name. This is also called your website name or website address. For instance www. example. com

After that, you buy a space online for building your blog or website. This online space is called a hosting account. It is on this that you or your web developer will build your website.

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For those going the YouTube way, you will just need to signup for a Gmail account and then create your YouTube channel with it for free.

Once this is done, you will start creating your contents and posting on the blog or YouTube channel. These are mainly articles for blogs or videos for YouTube channels.

When your subscribers on YouTube gets to 1000 people and your videos have been watched up to 4,000 watch hours, you can then apply for monetization (an Adsense account) by yourself and hope that you will be approved.

As for the blog, you will need to have at least 30 articles and your blog must be older than 1 month before applying.

If your contents meets their approval policies and quality, then you may be approved. Unfortunately it may take several rejections over several months before this finally happens.

After the approval, you will then start working on your blog or channel SEO very seriously and wait for Google to start sending people to your contents for free. Unfortunately, it may take up to 1 to 2 years of solid work before you can start earning up to $10 per day from this free traffic.

This is why I said the Long Journey Ride will take you at least 2 years to earn your first $100 paycheck from Google. Unless you were previously well experienced in SEO. Even at that the algorithm that determines who gets what amount of traffic changes overtime. You don’t really have any form of control over it. You can only keep learning and learning it and monitor the changes closely.

Prices for Unverified, Verified and Payment Received AdSense Accounts in Nigeria

Price for Unverified AdSense Accounts in Nigeria

Unverified AdSense Accounts in Nigeria cost N50,000 – N100,000+

Prices for Verified AdSense Accounts in Nigeria

Verified AdSense Accounts in Nigeria cost as high as N150,000 – 500,000+

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Prices for Payment Received AdSense Accounts in Nigeria

Payment Received AdSense Accounts in Nigeria are the most demanded type of AdSense account especially for Arbitrage bloggers. These types of Adsense cost as high as N800,000 – N1,800,000+


I started my blogging career using the second method and it cost me a lot. I spent several years earning crumbs until I stumbled upon the first method.

Thanks to God for all the great teachers I have had. I wouldn’t have been earning what I earn today without them. I am still not where I hope to be yet, but I have left where I used to be.

So take my advice. If you can, go for the first method. If you don’t have the budget for it now, source for it. Take it like you are starting a new business. You’d need some sort of capital to set up a new business right? Blogging is business too. Take it as one.

However, if you have tried all you can and still couldn’t get the needed funds to get started then start with the second method and give it all your best efforts, time and everything. With God on your side, it will pick up faster than you can ever imagine. Especially if you throw all your efforts into learning and mastering search engines optimization (SEO).

Regardless of which method you have chosen, I have a little gift for you today. And that is the gift of my knowledge and time to help you out whenever you need it. To begin, I’ll have you watch these videos which I have created to show you everything you need to get started as a beginner and start seeing similar results to mine. I hope you’d make out time and watch them. I’ll leave the links in the comments section below this post.

God bless and increase you on every side.

May your efforts pay and pay you well!

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