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How To Add Audio File To Blogger (Blogspot) Post [Working Perfectly]

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How can I add audio file to blogger (Blogspot) post? was the question one of my readers asked me on Facebook. Don’t think being an entertainment or music blogger on Blogspot is a sin. No, it’s not. You too can upload audio files to blogger (Blogspot) posts for your reader’s enjoyment.

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If you are a music or entertainment blogger using Blogspot, I will show you in the simplest of terms, with diagrams on how to upload audio files to blogger (blogspot) post using google Sites.

Will it work? It will work 100%! I have tried it before. Your readers can also play the song before downloading. Just like on Naijaloaded.

Have you too been searching for;

  • How to upload audio songs to my blogger post?
  • How to upload song o blogspot?
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Chill… The solution is here.?

First, get your PC or desktop ready. Do you know why? Because Google Sites work effectively on Laptop/desktop. (if you use a smartphone, you will be seeing something else).

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There are many third-party websites you can upload your audio or video files before embedding the download link on your blog, but your reader or visitors won’t enjoy downloading from most of them. Simply because of some useless, annoying pop-ups ads that can send visitors away. We are going to make use of Google Sites.

Let’s ride on!

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How To Add Audio File To Blogger (Blogspot) Post In 2019

To do this, follow the steps I discuss below.

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Step #1. Create Profile on Google Site.

  • To do this, you need your Gmail and your password. Click HERE to log on to Google Sites. If you are already logged in to your browser(chrome) you should see the website. On the top-left-hand side, click on MENU you see the diagram below.


  • Click on Classic Sites as shown in the diagram above. When you do, you should the diagram below.


  • Navigate to the left as shown above and click on Create (May I remind you…. You can not do this on your smartphone).


  • As shown in the diagram above, give a name to your site e.g SirPhren’s File. You can name it against your blog or any name you like. You can choose a different theme, or leave it as it is(its optional).
  • Solve the I’m not a robot captcha and scroll up to click on CREATE. After that, you will see your home page. (Keep up…we are almost done!).
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  • (OPTIONAL) You can add a description to your site. But make sure you do it right.
  • What you will do next is create a page for your audio or video file. As shown in the diagram above, click on the file icon(the one with +) and create a new page.


  • Just as shown above, fill out your own page for the audio file. (You see its simple?), Select File cabinet as the template, select Put on home page and scroll up to click on CREATE and wait for the page to load.
  • Your audio file page should be ready like the diagram below
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Let’s move to step two.

Step #2. Upload your audio file to Google Site

In doing this, to make it easier for you, you can create folder for each set of music genres. Hip hop, blues, Ragae etc.


  • To upload your audio song to Google sites, click on Add File button as shown in the diagram above. When you that, it will take you to your Desktop gallery from there you can select any song you want to upload and wait for it to finish uploading. (I uploaded Blessing On Me by Reekado Banks).


  • When uploading is done, right-click on the Download to copy the URL of the audio file as shown in the diagram above and wait for step three. (Well-done dear!)

Step #3. Add audio file to blogger (blogspot) post

  • Go to your blogger dashboard, edit the post you want to add the audio file or create a new post for it.
  • After describing the artiste and contents of the song, change it to HTML section of your post, copy and add the code below in the appropriate location on your post (usually at the end of post contents).

<audio controls>
<source src=”URL-YOU-COPIED-FROM-GOOGLESITES”/></source>
If audio features does not show, it means your browser do not support.</audio>

Now go back to your google sites and copy the earlier download link as explained in the last part of step two to replace URL-YOU-COPIED-FROM-GOOGLESITES and publish your post.

When done correctly, you should see the audio file as it shows below.

Listen and Download Blessing On Me by Reekado Banks

NOTE: When you add the above code with the URL of the audio file you copied from Google site, your visitors will be able to play, and download. As it used to be on WordPress Music Blogs.

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To add a subsequent audio file, just go to your Google sites home page, where your audio file page is and select Add File and follow the remaining steps.

But in case you want to add separate download link or icon, follow the guide below.

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Highlight the text you want to use as a download link in your blogger post, e.g CLICk HERE TO DOWNLOAD and paste the URL you copied from google site as shown below(I believe you know how to add links in your blogger posts).

If you know your way round CSS, you can style the download link to your taste.

Wrapping up how to add audio file to blogger (blogspot) post

This is the simplest way to add audio file to blogger (blogspot) post without annoying your visitors when they want to download it. I believe you find it helpful. Now, you too can handle your music blog on blogger with no hassle. Do not forget you need your desktop or laptop to make the tutorial easy for you.

Do you encounter any difficulty? Do let me know.

Still have a problem with how to upload song to blogspot?

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Hey! Before you go, did you find this post helpful? Then do not forget to share with fellow bloggers using Blogspot and subscribe to this blog. Keep blogging!

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