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How To Start Vlogging, Video Blog and YouTube And Make Money Fast (Best Guide)

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This is a descriptive guide on how to start vlogging and make money fast from it.

Do you like talking and doing videos about what you are passionate about than writing like me? If it’s yes, Vlogging is for you. I chatted with a friend on how to start Vlogging, am going to show you too. #Winks.

Have you been searching for;

How to make vlog?
Start a video blog?
How to start blogging on YouTube?

Chill! This article will do justice to them. You may want to sit tight.

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging is a way of showing your fans, audiences and people interested in what you do by showing them how you do them via video documents instead of writing long article on any topic you discuss. As it sounds, it simply means, Video blogging. When you have one, you have a Vlog.

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How to start Vlogging

Let me ask you this, are you really ready to start vlogging? Good!

Starting a vlog is not as difficult as you might think it is. You can actually have one with as little as N5-10k. The first thing you need to do is to get the niche you want to talk on ready. Then, you can proceed to having your videos ready. But its beyond these.

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Before you start your vlog, I want you to first research your area of interest. Who are The Men in it? How are they popular? What are their mistakes? What are the challenges? Can you do it? Answers to these questions will help your vlog foundation.

Read on as I break down the points into Niches, Things needed, Platforms to have vlog and how to connect it to webpage.

“Once you believe you can, nothing can stop you. Once you believe you can’t, nothing can make you.” – SirPhren

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Best Niches for Vlogging

Niche, just like every other field, is the area of interest people choose to write or do video on and with time become an authority. Examples of niches are; Health, Entertainment, Fashion, Technology, Personal Development and so many others.

Check out my guide on how to choose your niche.

When choosing your niche, look at your strength, weakness, passion, Profession and possibility of making profit.

Some of the best topics for Vlogging are; Tutorials, Food, Fashion, Personal development (talking about success, motivation and so on), health educationcomedy (am sure you know of Emmanuela), dance, fitness and lifestyle etc.

If you are doing Vlogging, be sure you are bold when you face the video camera and in a calm environment.

Things needed to start vlog

There are some vital things needed to start a vlog. Now that you are ready, am going to show them to you.

1). A YouTube channel:

As you know YouTube is made for videos upload, it is a perfect place to have your videos uploaded and also make profit. Also, on YouTube, you can prevent others from using your videos on their webpages.

To have a YouTube account, go to YouTube and sign up now with your gmail preferably and create a channel for your vlog name.

You need to set you channel up to make sure it is well optimized for search engine.

2). A lot of data subscription

Uploading videos on YouTube will require a lot of data. So you need to be prepared for it. And remember when your channel is dormant, you will lose your audiences.

3). Good mobile phone or desktop device that can take good and clear videos. But if you want to have the best experience, you need a desktop device or laptop. If you are bouyant enough, buy a video camera.

4). Tripod stand (if you can afford it): You can improvise tripod stand if you are not presently buoyant to buy it.

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5). A good video editor app or get someone teach you how to edit videos that will include your logo as background of the video.

6). A small website/blog to embed your videos: Blogs can make your videos go viral than you imagine. I can create this for you at a very affordable rate.

Your blog/website is yours, no one can take it away. But your YouTube channels can be taken, you don’t own it.

Its also a place you can redirect your audiences to know more about your works.

How to start vlogging by uploading videos on YouTube

Starting vlogging on YouTube is easy. First you need to sign up on YouTube and then follow the steps below.

1). Record your video, edit it and reduce the file size and remember to maintain its quality. This will help lower your data cost when uploading it.

2). When it’s done uploading, give the title of the video, write short description of what it is about, include necessary links and set up your privacy. When it is well optimized, chances of appearing on Google search is high.

3). When all those are done, you can go ahead to share with friends and even share on your website or blog.

4). To add your YouTube videos inside your blog, right click on the video, and copy the embed code and paste in the appropriate position in the HTML version of your article.

See a demo blog that combines writing with Vlogging.

TIP: When you have a video inside texts on your blog, you will make a visitor stay longer which is a good thing.

Check out creation of vlog on WordPress and Blogspot below.

How to create a vlog on WordPress and Blogspot

Before having a vlog on WordPress or Blogspot, first set up your YouTube account and make sure it’s good shape. Then choose one from the following platforms.

To have a blog on WordPress,

You need, web host account, Custom domain and premium theme(optional). When the three are ready, you will be able to install a WordPress CMS on your domain which will be done in your cpanel.

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My best web host company is namecheap and I assure you will love them too. Click here to buy your hosting account and domain from namecheap.

Check a guide on domain name mistakes you should avoid.

The company will provide help in setting up your blog, but if you need one-on-one tutor, contact me (affordable).

When its set up, you can go ahead with your Vlogging!

To have a vlog on Blogspot,

You need a free Blogspot account, custom domain and you are good to go.

Buy your domain now on namecheap, create free Blogspot account ( and connect your custom domain. Boom! You blog is ready.

I can be hired for a good blog design on Blogspot too. I am that good (affordable).

After choosing one of the above and done rightly, the next thing is Vlogging.

1). Get a post title which must include the title of the video

2). Write short description of the video so that your visitors can understand what it is about.

3). Then use the YouTube video embed code as I have stated above.

You can add videos directly to your blog from your device, but it will kind of slow down your blog speed. But YouTube will load faster.

NOTE: Making money on YouTube and getting traffic is beyond the scope of this article.

Wrapping up how to start vlogging

The guides above is exactly what you need on how to start Vlogging in 2019. Don’t wait too long. Take action now. Make your passion a reality.

Have your YouTube channel ready, get a good website/blog and get a cool videos of your discussing your matter of interest recorded. For help on setting up the webpage, contact me.

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