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White Cement Price in Nigeria

White Cement in Nigeria: Prices, Uses, and Differences from Ordinary Cement

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The construction industry in Nigeria has been witnessing a shift in preferences, with white cement gaining traction for various applications. If you’re curious about this unique building material, read on to discover its uses, how it differs from ordinary cement, and its market prices.

What is White Cement?

Often referred to as POP cement, white cement is renowned for producing pristine white concrete. This specialized cement has witnessed a surge in demand in Nigeria due to its aesthetic appeal and suitability for decorative projects. Beyond its natural white hue, white cement can also be tinted to produce vibrant colors like red, blue, and yellow, making it versatile for diverse architectural designs.

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White vs. Gray Cement

The primary distinction between white and gray cement lies in their composition. While gray cement derives its color from iron and manganese content, white cement contains minimal to no traces of these elements, ensuring its pure white appearance. This absence of colorants makes white cement pricier than its gray counterpart.

Current Market Prices in Nigeria

As of the latest updates, here are the approximate prices of white cement in Nigeria:

  • 5kg bag: N1,500 – N2,500
  • 25kg bag (Super White): N7,500 – N9,000
  • 40kg bag (High Quality): N12,000 – N18,000
  • 40kg bag (POP Cement): N5,500 – N6,000
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Prices may vary based on packaging, quality, brand, and location. Notably, the cost of a 25kg bag of white cement can surpass that of a 50kg bag of regular cement, underscoring its premium pricing.

White Cement in Construction

Despite its allure, it’s crucial to note that white cement isn’t a direct substitute for ordinary cement in structural applications. White cement lacks the robustness associated with gray cement due to the absence of certain strengthening agents. Hence, it’s predominantly utilized for decorative elements like pillars, parapets, and pre-cast panels.

Clarifying Common Misconceptions

There’s a prevailing misconception equating white cement with POP cement. However, this is inaccurate. While POP (Plaster of Paris) is gypsum-based, white cement aligns more with Portland cement, fortified with white aggregates. Such misconceptions underscore the need for accurate information dissemination, especially within the construction community.

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Buying Considerations

Given its premium pricing, prudent purchasing is advised. Always procure quantities aligned with your immediate needs to avoid storage challenges. Exposure to weather elements can compromise white cement quality, rendering it unsuitable for use.


White cement offers a blend of aesthetics and functionality, catering to the evolving demands of Nigeria’s construction landscape. By understanding its nuances, stakeholders can harness its potential effectively, ensuring both structural integrity and visual appeal in their projects.

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