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American Steel Doors Prices in Nigeria

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Doors are the unsung heroes of our homes and buildings, providing security, privacy, and style. Among the many options available, American Steel doors stand out for their blend of durability and aesthetic appeal. For those in Nigeria keen on upgrading or installing these doors, here’s a detailed price guide for 2024.

Why Choose American Steel Doors?

American Steel doors combine the natural beauty of wood with the strength of steel. This unique blend not only enhances the physical appearance of buildings but also offers enhanced security and longevity.

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Current Prices of American Steel Doors in Nigeria

Please note that these prices are subject to market fluctuations.

  1. High Interior Door (BOWDEU DOORS): N50,000 – N55,000
  2. Entrance Iron Door (TECHTOP): N70,000 – N75,000
  3. Roll-Up Door (Commercial): N2.2 million – N2.9 million
  4. Elevator Automatic Roll-Up Doors: N1.1 million – N1.6 million
  5. Fangda Small Oval Interior Glass Door: N100,000 – N107,000
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Key Insights:

  • Range of Designs: From modern stainless steel handles to insulated iron doors, there’s a wide array of designs catering to varied preferences.
  • Affordability: With prices ranging from N35,000 for simpler designs to N225,000 for high-end variants, there’s an American Steel door to fit every budget.
  • Market Dynamics: Prices can vary based on market demand, availability, and other economic factors. It’s advisable to consult with suppliers for the most recent prices.
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Final Thoughts

American Steel doors are more than just functional elements; they’re a statement of style and security. As the housing and construction sector in Nigeria continues to evolve, investing in durable and aesthetically pleasing doors becomes paramount. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing space, the above price guide serves as a valuable resource to make informed decisions.

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