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The Art Of Storytelling For Brand Visibility (Bloggers In Focus): Joshua O. Owie

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Can any brand do without storytelling? Impossible! That’s why we brought in an expert to shed more light on the art of storytelling for brand visibility (bloggers in focus) to teach on our WhatsApp group.

His name is Joshua O. Owie. See his teachings on storytelling for brand visibility below.

What is storytelling for brand visibility about?

The concept is so broad that it cuts across virtually all spheres of life. This is why everybody LOVES stories. Don’t you?

There is no place that storytelling is not used. Storytelling is used for different purposes. It is just that many of us haven’t really understood its concept.

Let me shock you to know that top brands like MTN, GLO, COCA-COLA, PEPSI and so on tell stories with their brands.

You’re now wondering how? You see, coca cola will roll an advert, and you will be wondering how they will spend millions of naira just for an advert.

My family, they are telling stories.

Pepsi will bring all the football stars. Even Messi and Ronaldo in one video, and then you will watch and clap and wonder why you are even comparing both of them.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s storytelling.

They are telling stories by creating AWARENESS AND DRAW ATTENTION

When you watch the advert, somehow you feel like buying Pepsi immediately right?

Sometimes, you now start saying, Pepsi is my brand. I wont drink coca cola again. Have you felt like that?

They have hooked you.

Now why do you like a particular influencer online? You do so because of STORYTELLING.

Have got a question for you. How many people know you’re a blogger?. See a guide on how to become a blogger here.

Not so many? So you don’t talk about what you do?

Ladies and gentlemen, you have to own your craft proudly.

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Talk about what you do

It’s only when you talk that people will know.

As big as Coca-Cola is, why do they keep doing advert? The moment they stop talking, people forget about them. So also the moment you stop talking about what you do, people will forget you.

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So, the only way you can get people to know you is to tell stories. As a blogger, tell stories about what you do.

Blog ebooks

How do you tell stories as a Blogger?

Answers to these questions below will greatly help.

  1. What are you blogging about?
  2. How does it affect people?
  3. What problem are you solving?
  4. What drove you to start blogging?

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Here is why you need to tell stories as a Blogger

1). Connect With People

The craving of man after food, shelter and security is connection. Everybody is looking for one way or the other to belong to something. Storytelling helps people get connected with your business. They begin to follow you on a path; a journey.

They begin to gather around you.

People will connect with you when you tell them that you’re a blogger and they follow you on that path to form a tribe around you.

Imagine people don’t know that you’re a blogger. So how would they connect with you?

  • Talk first
  • Follow that path

See this example:

There is a nurse who is a friend of mine on Facebook.

He started giving health tips.

Talking about those sensitive things people are ashamed to talk about.

He talked about sex. hygiene and so on.

Come and see people following him

Then he opened a blog. He talked about how he got a lot of views on the day he opened.

What he has been doing was telling stories around health. And then boom.

What do you share on your space apart from Blogging?

  • If you blog about Tech, then you should talk about tech on your space often.
  • If you blog about health, you should talk on health often.
  • If you blog on writing, you should talk on writing often.
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KLT Factor of Storytelling

Storytelling builds your Know, Like and Trust factor with people.

The reason why you eat at that special restaurant is because you first of all ‘knew‘ the place, then as you went continuously, you liked it. And with time, you fell in love with it (Trust)

In the same way, when you storify your business, people begin to know you, like and then trust you enough to buy from you online.

If you talk about health related issues often, trust me, people will meet you up for anything relating to health.

2). You should know that when you talk on something often, you will be seen as an AUTHORITY.

Who knows? You might be invited for seminars and conferences.

If you blog about Tech and you talk about it often, people who see your works will rally around you.

The point is use every medium you have to say this is what you do.

When you start something, the ideas to keep on will come.

3). Influence

Storifying your brand online gives you influence in the field you belong.

  • You influence people consciously and unconsciously.
  • People will want to follow you.
  • They will blow the trumpet

It gets to a point where people will talk about you to others. It’s just like Bill Gate, who even a five year old already knows.

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Wrapping up storytelling for brand visibility (Bloggers in focus)

Do all these like a journey. Sometimes, ask people what they think about your blog when they visit. Let people feed their eyes and see what you’re capable of. Don’t do it small small.


For example: Hello, I’m Xyz. I’m a Nurse. I have a blog where I talk about 123. Be Proud of what you do.

Question: How can one use this story telling to captivate people and get more audiences as a blogger?

Joshua O. Owie: First of all. Why are you into blogging?, What’s your blogging about?, Are you solving a problem with your blog?

Let me tell you. People patronize a solution to a problem.

The reason why most bloggers aren’t making a headway is because they see blogging as a money making venture first.

See blogging as solving problems. It will be easy to tell interesting things that solves people issues.

About Joshua O. Owie

What To Do When It Seems You Forget Things Easily - Joshua Osarhen Owie | Memo Naija

Joshua Osarhen Owie is a house of wisdom that has aced many wins to his name. He is a Professional Writer, Storyteller, Content Creator, and a Personal Development Therapist.

He is a Lead Content Creator for brands like;, and Kriss Auto Ventures. His flair for writing and social media has led him to work with brands as far as Kenya and South Africa.

He is also the founder of PENVILLEA platform dedicated to offering writing services in the areas of: Ghost writing, Content Writing, Copy writing, and Coaching.

His writings on various subject matters have been featured in numerous blogs, websites, and magazines.

He has a blog and a Facebook page where he shares short stories, inspiration, and motivations reads, that bothers on different areas of life.

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