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 The Closure of TheNetNaija and Top Alternatives

TheNetNaija was a popular website for many Nigerians and Africans to download movies, TV shows, music and other entertainment content for free. However, it was recently announced that the website has shut down its operations. This news has left many fans of the site wondering where they will now find their entertainment fixes.

In this blog post, we will discuss the closure of TheNetNaija in more detail and provide some top alternatives that users can check out going forward to get their movie and TV show fix.

 Why Did TheNetNaija Close Down?

While an official reason for the closure was not publicly stated, it is speculated that increasing copyright issues likely played a major role. As a free movie download site, TheNetNaija hosted content from major Hollywood studios and production companies without proper licensing. This naturally invites legal troubles.

Over the years, many similar websites have faced shutdowns or legal warnings due to copyright infringement claims. Productions houses are increasingly aggressive about protecting their intellectual property online. Sites like TheNetNaija make money by hosting this copyrighted content for free downloads and streams, cutting studios out of potential revenue.

It’s possible TheNetNaija received legal warnings or takedown notices in the past as well. Running such a site also opens up the risk of lawsuits. At a certain point, the legal headaches and liability may have outweighed the benefits of continuing operations for the owners. Regardless of the exact reasons, fans are now left searching for new reliable sources.

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One of the top suggested alternatives that former TheNetNaija users are flocking to is This website has been active for several years and has a similar focus of providing free movie, TV show and music downloads from multiple genres and languages.

Some key things that make Nkiri a great option for those missing TheNetNaija:

– Huge library of content – Nkiri hosts thousands of movies, series, music and more from Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood and more. New uploads are added daily.

– Intuitive interface – The website is easy to navigate between different sections like movies, series, genres etc. Content can also be searched.

– Reliable downloads – Files are hosted on reliable servers and provide fast, high quality downloads/streams of videos and audio.

– Updated quickly – Newly released movies and episodes are uploaded promptly after being available online.

– Variety of formats – Content can be downloaded in different quality formats like 360p, 720p, 1080p to suit various internet speeds and devices.

– Great uptime – Compared to some unstable pirate sites, Nkiri is fast, lightweight and faces minimal downtime.

Overall, Nkiri proves to very capable of filling the void left by TheNetNaija’s shutdown. It is definitely worth checking out as a top alternative. – Another Solid Competitor

Another worthy alternative for movie and TV fans is This site has grown tremendously in the past couple years to now rival Nkiri as one of the best options in Nigeria and beyond. Here are some of its key strengths:

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– Exclusive new content – Mysmartmedia is known to host content that may not be available on other sites like recently cracked movies,TV seasons etc.

– Featured content section – Their homepage highlights some of the most popular or newly added movies, shows and genres for easy discovery.

– Mobile friendly design – The responsive website loads fast on any device and is very straightforward to use on phones/tablets.

– Organized sections – Movies, TV shows, genres etc are neatly organized into easily browsable categories.

– Social platform – The site offers an active Telegram community to stay updated on new uploads and engage with others.

– Reliable servers – Quick downloads are ensured through multiple high performing server locations.

– Beginner friendly – Even non-technical users can quickly grasp how to use Mysmartmedia to find and download content.

For those prioritizing a well-structured entertainment hub alongside a massive library, Mysmartmedia offers a top-notch alternative following TheNetNaija’s closure. Both new and experienced users will love this reliable option.

Other Worthy Mentions As Well

While Nkiri and Mysmartmedia emerge as the clear leaders based on popularity and capabilities, there are a few other options also deserving of an honorable mention:

Torizone – This is an highly active website focused only on TV shows from around the world. For serial binge watchers, Torizone hosts an amazing selection of series organized very well.

O2tvseries – A long-running free movie and show streaming/download site. It remains popular despite facing regular downtime issues at times. Navigation can be clunky.

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Gimbal – A relatively new entrant but growing fast, Gimbal has a well-indexed collection of movies categorized by languages like English, Yoruba etc.

Sabishare – Similar to Torizone, Sabishare is better for TV shows. However, the interface feels a bit disorganized compared to more polished competitors.

Telesubs – Famous for hosting content with foreign language subtitles included. Great for those wanting to watch with subtitles in English or other tongues.

While not perfect replacements for TheNetNaija alone, exploring a combination of some of these alternatives based on specific interests, can help fill the void left by its closure for most users. Competition in the space remains high for delivering entertainment at users’ fingertips.

In Summary…

The surprise shutdown of the popular Nigerian movie and TV download portal, TheNetNaija, was unfortunate news for its many loyal fans and users. However, there remains numerous capable alternatives where people can now access all their favorite entertainment content absolutely free. and stand out as clear leaders based on their massive libraries, organized interfaces, reliable uptime and widespread popularity already achieved. But exploring some of the other honorable mention sites like Torizone, O2tvseries and Telesubs based on specific interests is also recommended.

With piracy websites facing frequent closures globally, enjoying content freely online will require staying updated on the top functioning alternatives. The shutdown of TheNetNaija, while a loss, opens up opportunities to discover even better optimized platforms. With the right sites, entertainment access for Nigerians remains abundant as always.

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