Secondary schools to avoid in kwara state and reasons

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Neglected Public Secondary Schools to Avoid in Kwara State

Crumbling Infrastructure Puts Students’ Safety at Risk

The ongoing debate around hijab rights in Kwara State schools has overshadowed a much deeper problem plaguing the education system – the poor condition of infrastructure in many public secondary schools. Two reports from Premium Times Nigeria and Sahara Reporters shed light on the alarming neglect of school buildings that endangers students’ health and safety on a daily basis.

Pakata Junior Secondary School in Ilorin West epitomizes the infrastructure decay. Students are forced to either sit on dusty floors or bring chairs from home due to lack of seating. When it rains, teaching stops as water leaks through perforated roofs directly into classrooms. The toilet facility has caused accidents due to its shoddy state. Despite letters to the government, conditions remain unaddressed.

Sango Secondary School in Ilorin South, nicknamed Eleboto, fares no better. With over 700 students, most classrooms lack proper windows, doors, ceilings and flooring. Only 3 of 10 classrooms need renovation – the rest require complete rebuilding. Like other schools, the sole staff toilet is in poor condition, so students use nearby bushes instead. The principal’s office was even burglarized last year due to lack of security fencing around the dilapidated buildings.

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Oke-Adini Secondary School serves as the public school for its entire area. However, both students and teachers must relieve themselves outside due to the absence of toilets. Most classrooms lack basic furnishings and proper construction. Buildings have collapsed while others are in urgent need of rehabilitation, exposing occupants to preventable safety hazards on a daily basis.

At Government Day Secondary School in Amule, the same neglect is seen. Without toilets, library, laboratory or adequate classrooms, learning conditions fall far below minimum standards. Roofs leak, walls show signs of damage, and furniture is scarce. Despite numerous complaints, the local government has failed to conduct necessary repairs and upgrades.

Parents and teachers alike plead desperately for intervention to provide a conducive learning environment. But over a decade of requests and warnings seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Instead of ensuring safe, functional schools, authorities prioritize political debates over dress codes. If this problem persists unchecked, it threatens to undermine the future of Kwara’s youth and society.

Shortchanging Students at Lanwa Secondary School

Lanwa Secondary School in Moro Local Government Area faces similar infrastructure challenges, despite being the only public secondary option for surrounding communities. Consisting of 4 blocks of 8 classrooms each, the school previously received renovations through SDF and community support. However, a computer room built in 2011 represents the only recent development.

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Like other schools, Lanwa Secondary lacks proper toilets for both students and staff. The science laboratory and library are completely absent as well. Windows, flooring and ceilings are substandard in most classrooms. Furniture shortages force some students to sit directly on floors during lessons.

Parents remain frustrated that their children’s schooling takes place in such conditions. They call on the state government to fulfill its responsibility through long-overdue building projects. With ample available land, the school could house increased enrollment if given support to expand infrastructure as needed. But for now, negligence leaves this institution ill-equipped to meet educational standards.

Conditions at Amule Compromise Learning

Located in Ilorin East Local Government, Government Day Secondary School in Amule struggles with the same basic needs deficits. Toilets, laboratories, libraries and sufficient classrooms are conspicuously missing. Roofs leak while walls show signs of deterioration. Furniture shortfalls mean students often lack seats or desks.

Despite the school’s town location, teachers are ashamed of its run-down appearance. They say many letters requesting help have received only empty promises in response so far. Money raised through school fees covers some repairs, but remains inadequate for comprehensive rehabilitation required.

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With hundreds of students enrolled, this essential community resource deserves greater attention. Subpar infrastructure undermines learning and future potential and makes recruitment or retention of qualified teachers a challenge. While political posturing draws headlines, grassroots issues go unresolved, with disadvantaged youth bearing the heaviest cost.

Conclusion: Beyond Lip Service to Education

The accounts profiled reveal widespread infrastructure neglect across multiple secondary schools in Kwara State. Lacking basic facilities like toilets,furniture and weather-proof buildings, these institutions fail to provide even a minimum safe environment conducive for education. Decades of complaints appear to have achieved little more than lip service from authorities.

If the future prosperity and development of Kwara is a priority, this disinvestment cannot continue. Students deserve access to quality schooling equal to their private school peers. Teachers need supportive working conditions to do their jobs effectively. Parents require assurance that children are cared for each school day.

The state government must move beyond divisive debates and fulfill its basic obligations. By properly funding construction, repairs and maintenance, leadership can demonstrate true commitment to education equity. Only with functional,resourced public schools open to all will Kwara harness its full human potential and build the just society envisioned by founders. Its youth deserve nothing less.

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