Waist Beads Witchcraft

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Waist beads witchcraft, what does it mean? In this article you will understand the theory behind the wuast beads with craft. For ages, waist beads have played a significant role in African culture. The rhythm of these beads, irrespective of whether they’re worn beneath or above clothing, is intriguing. Also, the bright colours catch people’s attention as the wearer walks or dances.

Even now, many ladies still proudly display their love for the beads by wearing them. However, few persons can’t help but express their dislike for this specific adornment and even go to the extent of implying that wearing waist bead is sinful and has a form of witchcraft.

However, how much of this is actually true? In order to resolve this issue, this article will analyse the history of waist beads, what their different colours represent; the unique reasons people wear waist beads, if waist beads is witchcraft and steps to make yours.

What are waist beads?

Waist beads are tiny plastic or glass pearls on a thread or rope and placed around the waistline or hips. Waist beads can be styled in one or several cords and are available in a variety of ranges, waist lengths, shades, and patterns. They rest excellently just on the user’s waist.

In the past, waist beads were used in Nigeria as a representation of divinity, womanhood, sexuality, blossoming, and fertility. It’s a sign of a teenage girl’s development into adulthood in Ghana, and it typically serves as evidence of her sexual maturity. Furthermore, it aids in highlighting the waist, providing the body with a nicer physique.
Let’s take a brief look at the origin of waist beads.

Origin Of Waist Beads

Most people think that waist beads came from Egypt and can also be linked back to Africa. Before, they were referred to as “girdles” and many were used by women as more of a sign of their status. Prior to the colonial period, they were used by women from several cultures in West Africa, especially Nigeria.

Nevertheless, a lot of people also think that the Yoruba ethnic group popularized waist beads. According to reports, Yoruba women have been famous for adorning the pearls with spells and scents which could be regarded as enticing to the opposite gender.
It is important to discuss the reasons people wear waist beads before looking into waist beads witchcraft.

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Why Do People Wear Waist Beads?

  1. Beauty Purposes: Women often wear waist beads for aesthetic reasons, which is one of their primary advantages. Waist beads are utilized to sensually highlight the physical curves. When waist jewelry is worn to enhance one’s body image, it offers benefits similar to those associated with adornment. For instance, women who dislike their bodies, especially their stomachs, beautify them with waist beads.
    It has the power to enhance a woman’s impression of her figure with its dazzling and captivating colours. The female physique could be adorned with waist beads to boost her pride and self-worth.
  2. Dance: The majority of Indian women wear them while performing cultural dance. The majority of African populations, including the Turkana, are similarly affected.
  3. Fashion: Due to the creative nature of the current fashion sense, clothing companies around the globe have included waist beads into their statements. Models can be seen wearing them on prominent stages at fashion shows.
  4. Spiritual healing: Several women with strong spiritual roots believe that wearing particular waist beads will help them find spiritual healing, tranquility, and serenity in their life. They often use them while they are meditating. They assert that it actually protects their mind, soul, and spirit. It also protects against dangerous warnings.
  5. Weight Management: this is a further advantage of waist beads. Several ladies wear the waist bead only to check themselves and monitor their waists. It’s being used to monitor body composition and physique. When the bead becomes tight, she is increasing weight; but, when it only remains free, no weight was gained.
  6. Posture: Waist beads may make someone quite conscious of their posture and tummy. According to when someone is breathing and standing, the beads suit somewhat slightly. These can act as a gentle hint to stand up appropriately, contract your abdominal muscles, rest your shoulders, and breathe normally.

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The Significance of Different Colours of Waist Beads:

White: In African tradition, this color symbolizes a woman’s honesty and chastity.
Green: Putting on green waist beads typically signifies your willingness to accept fate as it unfolds. This represents openness spiritually. It implies that you are receptive to other viewpoints, accepts them, and learn to cope with their diversity.

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Even so, it is thought that using a green waist bead may encourage others spiritually. Green waist beads were typically thought to be worn following a woman’s menstruation. This would signal to others that she is more approachable and relatable.

Pink: In African society, it symbolizes generosity, splendor, affection, and compassion.

Black Waist Beads: Black waist beads frequently draw undesirable emotions to the wearer.

For this reason, it is recommended to wear more than just the black waist bead. combine it with some complementary colours which have strong positive vibes.

Turquoise is a representation of self-awareness and connectivity in African tradition.

Red Waist Beads: These red Waist beads are a sign of affection in the spirit realm. Hence, you could wish to check out a red waist bead if you’re looking for a life partner.

It is thought to contain the supernatural power for intimacy and affection. This waist bead is the same one that was previously worn to entice spouses and lovers.

Even though you may not have a lover or spouse, you may still wear it. Red colour energy produces intense feelings and arousal in the body.

Orange: The orange waist bead has a symbolic meaning that refers to confidence. You can express your pride in your individuality by using this waist bead. It’s an indication that you succumb to the pressures and stress that are put on you.

It also reflects how confident you are. It is a self-esteem builder that encourages you not to ever accept less.

Anytime you notice a woman with an orange waist bead, she is expressing her courage, intelligence, and confidence in what she represents.

Brown: This is an indication of safety. Brown waist beads shield wearers against danger, pessimism, and the effects of the enemy in the spirit realm.

This is a fantastic method of security. Brown waist beads also minimize the sense of discomfort.

Is Waist Beads Witchcraft?

The religious practice of Africa doesn’t imply witchcraft. Despite the fact that certain rituals and practices are carried out, this does not automatically mean they are connected to witchcraft. Using waist beads is not wrong because they are used to protect those who follow the African tradition.

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A large number of ethnicities in Nigeria as well as other regions of West Africa enrich waist beads with specific fragrances, rituals, and pearls. It is thought that the extra ingredients provide the beads more ability to draw in men, drive off negative energies, cure illnesses, etc. Many Western artists now include unique gemstones that are said to have special abilities as it becomes more and more fashionable in the present era..

The waist bead superstitions persist despite no evidence to support them.

The majority of the time, waist beads intended for divine preservation are produced specifically for their function and are not offered as commodities. Nevertheless, waist beads can be simply purchased in shops for fashion and to increase sexual attractiveness.

Waist bead is a stylish ornament that can make you create fuller buttocks with slimmer waists; it does not involve witchcraft. One could construct ones homemade waist beads to ensure that you are not engaging in witchcraft by putting them. The practice of adorning waist beads is one that has persisted through the ages and has shown to be valuable.
To further enhance the notion that there is no witchcraft connected to waist beads, we will be discussing how to make your own waist beads at home. You can also learn how to identify kayamata waist bead.

Steps To Make Your Waist Beads:

  1. Determine your waist size.
    Measure your waist, wherever you would like your waist beads to lay, then tie the rope.
  2. Cut the thread.
    To guarantee you have plenty of thread left to tie the waist beads, measure your waist and add 20 cm to that length before cutting the thread or rope.
  3. Insert the crimp lock.
    The thread should be tied with your crimp lock, followed by the jump ring and a looped crimp lock. Use the crimping pliers to compress it. This should be done beforehand to prevent your beads from falling mistakenly.

4 Add The beads:
When you are happy with the design, position the beads as you like, and continue in this manner till you attain desired waist measurement.

  1. Final Locking:
    With the help of the crimping pliers, unlock your jump ring and fasten the lobster clasp.
    Your waist bead is ready!
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