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how to get rid of baby hiccups without gripe water

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Baby hiccups are very common and usually harmless, but they can be annoying and even distressing for little ones. While gripe water is a popular home remedy promoted to soothe hiccups, it’s not necessarily the safest or most effective option. In this post, we’ll explore several natural alternatives to gripe water that parents can try to get rid of baby hiccups.

Why Do Babies Get Hiccups?

Before diving into remedies, it helps to understand what’s actually causing those hiccups. In babies and adults alike, hiccups occur when the diaphragm muscle contracts involuntarily and abruptly, causing the vocal cords to close too quickly during breathing. This makes that distinctive “hic” sound.

Some theories on what brings them on include:

– Eating or drinking too fast which can cause the stomach or esophagus to spasm.

– Being overstimulated, upset or crying too hard from conditions like colic or gas pain.

– Developing digestive tract undergoing maturation as babies transition to pureed or solid foods.

– In utero positioning putting pressure on chest/diaphragm areas before birth.

Thankfully hiccups are usually temporary and pose no medical danger. But for fussy babies, getting relief can help their comfort.

Is Gripe Water Really the Best Solution?

With claims of soothing fussiness from hiccups, gas and colic, gripe water stands as a popular over-the-counter baby remedy. However, its actual effectiveness hasn’t been scientifically proven. Additionally, current formulations of gripe water contain:

– Alcohol, which is neurotoxic and shouldn’t be given to babies without medical guidance.

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– Essential oils, some linked to toxicity risks in young children if misused or overused.

– Sweetening agents like sucrose that can disrupt oral flora and lead to tooth decay.

– Lack of regulation meaning ingredients and dosages aren’t always standardized between brands.

While gripe water hasn’t definitively been shown dangerous when used judiciously, better alternatives exist avoiding unnecessary risks to help baby feel better.

Natural Remedies Without Gripe Water

Luckily there are simple, drug-free approaches parents can use to try relieving their baby’s hiccups naturally:

Gentle Massage or Rocking

Holding baby upright and gently massaging or rubbing their back may stimulate the vagus nerve, disrupting hiccup spasms. Rocking in a comfortable position can also take babes’ minds off discomfort.

Burping More Thoroughly

For babies with gassy tummies, taking extra time to burp throughout and after feedings may release built-up air bubbles triggering hiccups. Firm but gentle back/chest rubbing works well.

Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding in Upright Positions

Keeping babies propped semi-upright instead of laying totally flat allows milk and air bubbles to flow down easier, decreasing likelihood of hiccups arising.

Warm Bath

Soaking in a few inches of warm water for 10-15 minutes can help relax muscles and calm baby’s system, interrupting hiccups. Be sure water temperature stays comfortable.

Mimicking Sucking Motions

Having baby suck on a clean finger, pacifier or teether may activate parasympathetic nerves analogous to feeding, counteracting hiccup spasms.

Holding Upside Down Briefly

Gently holding baby upside down with support for around 30 seconds encourages any trapped air upwards, aiding burps and potentially stopping hiccups.

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Temperature Changes

Alternating cool cloths or warm baths on baby’s chest area may soothe underlying causes by modifying internal thermoregulation during hiccup episodes.

Exercise Caution with Gripe Water

If other methods don’t work despite attempts, limited gripe water doses under medical guidance may help some babies. But safer alternatives are preferable first due to lack of evidence for effectiveness and potential risks with gripe water. Communication with pediatricians remains important.

Additional Natural Hiccup Relievers

Beyond these tried-and-true gentle techniques, certain foods, drinks and activities may also provide relief:

Sucking on Ice Cubes

The sensory stimulation of something cold entering baby’s mouth may trigger reflexes stopping hiccups in their tracks. Always supervise ice use for safety.


The natural potassium content in bananas eases intestinal spasms potentially causing coughs or hiccups to arise. Mash banana into cereal or purees for soothing consumption.

Warm Breastmilk, Formula or Water

Sometimes a warm liquid simply going down the esophagus allows tissues to relax naturally, interrupting involuntary hiccup patterns.

Tummy Time

Early guided activity like supervised tummy time massage or stretches gets baby moving other muscle groups, taking focus off hiccups.

Shushing or Singing Softly Nearby

The calming sounds of a parent’s voice have内 been shown to soothe infants internally affecting physiology. Gentle noises may alleviate situations leading to hiccups.

Swaddling Snugly

Feeling snug swaddled containment can relax overall muscle tension on small frames experiencing any transitory digestive upsets.

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Most importantly, staying patient, reassuring baby, and not drawing excess attention usually allows hiccups to fade away on their own given time. But the above tips may expedite relief so baby feels brighter faster. Always apply common sense based on developmental needs.

When to Contact the Pediatrician

Unless manifesting serious underlying issues, occasional baby hiccups usually clear up spontaneously with minimal intervention. However, parents should contact baby’s doctor if:

– Hiccups last over 48 hours without stopping or keeping baby from feeding/sleeping.

– They associate with vomiting, high fever or other concerning symptoms beyond expected colicky fussing.

– Family history involves conditions such as tracheomalacia needing closer monitoring.

– Breastfeeding difficulties, reflux or allergies appear as possible triggers requiring medical management.

In these cases, the pediatrician can rule out other complications through examination, check for acid reflux exacerbation, or suggest evaluated remedies addressing reoccurring, problematic hiccups interfering with development. But usually hiccups pose no medical threat when isolated incidents relieved naturally at home.


No doubt the hiccups are frustrating disturbances when babies would rather settle calmly. Thankfully caring parents have numerous gentle, low-risk options available for soothing relief without relying on gripe water’s uncertainties. With patience and careful observation, discomforts like persistent baby hiccups often fade away either quickly or within a few days unassisted. But exploring natural alternatives gives parents extra tools supporting baby’s overall comfort.

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