K57 pill — K57 Side effects, indications, usage

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Have you ever heard or seen a round gray pill that has an imprint  K57 pill on it? Or are a medical student who is making research about what the K57 pill is all about? Well if your answers were yes to this question then you are in the right place. In today’s article I will be explaining step by step about what this drug is all about. 

I will discuss fully about the generic name, side effects, interactions, precautions, storage of the K57 pill. So I will strongly recommend you to read this article to the very end for you to her the best knowledge about this drug. 

What Is K57 pill ? 

K57 pill is a round shaped gray pill that has an imprint K57 pill on it. K57 pill contains an active ingredient known as “ oxycodone hydrochloride

Shape : Round shape 

Colors : Gray 

Generic name: Oxycodone Hydrochloride

Oxycodone Hydrochloride is a strong opioid analgesics which is used to control and relieve pains. Oxycodone is used in the treatment of moderate to severe pain. These medications can also be called narcotic. Oxycodone is used to treat moderate to severe pain.


Oxycodone Hydrochloride should not be used if you are someone that has asthma symptoms or any breathing problems. Also do not take oxycodone if you have any blockage in your intestine or stomach. However your doctor will know the right and suitable medication that will be best for you when proper tests and checkups are conducted. 

Opioids are strong analgesics and they all act in the central nervous system ( brain ). They can be very addicting and they also cause overdose or even death. It is always advisable to keep this medication in a secure place where no one can get to it. 

When K57 pill ( oxycodone ) is used in pregnancy, this might lead to life-threatening withdrawal Symptoms in the newborn. Generally when opioids are taken alongside with alcohol this will cause fatal side effects for instance ; slowing down your breathing, causing drowsiness

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This medication can also stop or slow down your breathing, and this is even more likely to occur in ill or elderly patients. However this does not  stipulate the fact that it can happen to anyone    

If you are allergic to K57 pills ( Oxycodone ) please do not take this medicine. However for more clarification you can explain in detail to your doctor if you have any allergic reaction to oxycodone Hydrochloride. 

If you are an asthmatic patient, or you have breathing problems, or any blockage in your stomach do take this medication. 

If you are already using a similar opioid medicine that is tolerant to oxycodone then it is advisable for you not to use the K57 pill. And also do not use Oxycodone Hydrochloride if you have used a MAO inhibitor in the past 14 days. The MAO includes ; tranylcypromine, phenelzine, isocarboxazid, rasagiline, linezolid, selegiline. 

Most brands of these drugs ( oxycodone ) are not approved for use in people who are below the age of 18. It should also not be given to a child that is younger than 11 years old. If you want to be sure that this medicine is safe for you then you have to discuss or tell your doctor if you have ever had ; 

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1. Drug or alcohol addiction, or any form of mental illness 

2. Lung disease, kidney or liver disease

3. Sleep apnea 

4. Breathing problems

5. urination problems; problems with your gallbladder or pancreas.

6. Adrenal disease ( Addison’s disease ) 

Your baby can become dependent on the drug when you use opioids while you are pregnant. And these can lead to life-threatening withdrawal symptoms in the baby, when the baby is born. Usually babies that are actually born dependent on opiods need medical treatments for weeks.

To avoid all these problems then it is rightful to inform your doctor if you are pregnant before you start using K57 pill ( oxycodone Hydrochloride ) If you are already pregnant while using or taking oxycodone Hydrochloride, then do not ever stop this medication without informing your doctor.

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Always remember that your doctor has conducted multiple tests before they start placing you on medications so it means they know the right medication for you. So do not ever stop or quit using a drug suddenly without informing your doctor. 

If you are also a mother that breastfeeds a baby, ask your doctor if this drug is suitable for you before you begin using it. If you also ever notice slowing breathing or drowsiness in the nursing baby, then make sure you seek medical care immediately. 

Usage of K57 pill

K57 pill
K57 pill

The best way to use the K57 pill is to use it exactly as prescribed. K57 pill ( oxycodone hydrochloride ) is a prescription drug. It means that it can never be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. This drug acts in the central nervous system ( in the brain ) and it should never be abused because they can be very addicting. 

Always make sure you follow every direction that is on your prescription label. Read every medication guide diligently and ask your doctor questions on how to use it properly. This medicine should never be used in larger amounts or for longer than prescribed. 

Like we said earlier oxycodone hydrochloride is a strong opioid analgesic and they can be so addicting so if you reel any increased urge to take more of this drug then make sure you inform your doctor immediately about it. 

Do not share your opioid medicine with any other person, because this medicine was specially prescribed to you and it should not be used by another person without a doctor’s prescription. This drug can be very addicting or even lead to death. So oxycodone has to be kept in a safe place where others cannot get to it.

It is highly against the law to sell or give out opioid medicine. Do not even purchase this medicine on random ecommerce stores. If you want to get an opioid it is advised to purchase it in a Pharmacy. 

You can take a K57 pill with food. Swallow the whole tablet or capsule to avoid any exposure to a potentially fatal overdose. K57 pill should not be chewed, dissolved, opened whereas swallow it as a whole.

If you are someone who cannot swallow the capsule of oxycodone as a whole, you can just sprinkle the medicine into a spoonful of applesauce or pudding. After this process make sure you swallow the mixture without chewing it, and also this medication should never be saved for later use.  

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Oxycodone should never be broken into a powder for inhalation, also don’t try to mix it with a liquid form and try to inject it into your vein because this might lead to instant death. The liquid form of oxycodone should be measured carefully. Make use of the dosing syringe that it is being provided or you can use w medicine dose-measuring device ( Do not use a kitchen spoon )

Always follow your doctor’s instructions, and do not stop oxycodone suddenly. Oxycodone is an opioid medicine, stopping the use of oxycodone suddenly may lead to withdrawal syndrome. 

K57 pills should be stored at a room temperature, stored away from heat, light, and moistures. Always make sure you keep track of your medicine. If you notice anyone using oxycodone improperly without a prescription please do not hesitate to inform any healthcare practitioner. 

Opioids leftover should never be kept. Just a single dose of opioid can lead to death in someone who uses this medicine improperly or accidentally. If you don’t know how to dispose oxycodone you may ask your doctor or pharm where to find or locate a drug take-back disposal program. However if you there is no take-back program, you can flush the unused medicine down the toilet. 

What happens if I miss a dose of the K57 pill ?

Oxycodone is used to relieve pains , so it is likely that you do not miss a dose. However if you miss a dose, do not try to double your dose when you are about to take your next dose. However you may skip any missed dose if it is almost time for your next dose. 


For the fact that oxycodone overdose can be fatal and this may lead to chronic side effects or even death. If you misuse this medicine the best thing you could do is to seek emergency medical attention immediately. You can seek help at the poison help line at >> 1-800-222-1222 . There are some overdose symptoms which includes ;   

pinpoint pupils, severe drowsiness, slow breathing, or no breathing.

So if you experience any of these symptoms make sure you contact your doctor and seek medical attention immediately. However in some cases your doctor may recommend you get naloxone ( this medicine is actually used to reverse an opioid overdose ) and keep it with you always. 

If you stop breathing or don’t wake up, a person who is caring for you can give you naloxone. Moreover the person who is caring for you must still get emergency medical help and might also need to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation in some cases. 

Naloxone can be purchased from a Pharmacy or any local health department. But you have to make sure that the person taking care of you knows where you keep naloxone and how to use it properly. 

What To Avoid While using oxycodone

There are a lot of things to be avoided while using oxycodone hydrocodone. Firstly do not take alcohol while using oxycodone, there are dangerous side effects that could occur or even death. Oxycodone causes drowsiness and it is very important for you not to drive or operate any machinery. 

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Always make sure you avoid any medication errors. Check the brand name and strength of oxycodone you purchased from the pharmacy before you use it.  

K57 pill side effects

Seek emergency medical help if you experience any signs of allergic reactions to oxycodone Hydrochloride which includes ; hives, swelling of your face tongue, lips or throat, difficulties in breathing. 

Opioid medicine can slow or even stop your breathing and this may lead to death. So it is very important for the person caring for you to give you naloxone ( it will reverse the effect ) or you may seek emergency medical attention if you ever experience chronic side effects while using oxycodone. 

Seek medical help immediately if you have ; 

1. cold, clammy skin;

2. confusion, unusual thoughts or behavior;

3. seizure (convulsions);

4. shallow breathing, breathing that stops during sleep; noisy breathing, sighing

5. light-headed feeling ( like you might pass out; ) 

6. hallucinations 

7. agitation

8. muscle stiffness

9. fast heart rate

10. twitching, loss of coordination

Some other side effects that could be experienced are ; 

i. nausea ( feeling like vomiting )  vomiting

ii. weakness, worsening tiredness 

iii. loss of appetite 

iv. dizziness

v. sweating and fever 

vi. diarrhea

Chronic breathing problems are more likely to occur in older adults or with those who have chronic breathing disorders. Generally long-term use of opioids medication which includes oxycodone Hydrochloride can actually affect fertility ( inability to have children ) in male and females. 

It has not been known yet if oxycodone effects on fertility are actually permanent. 

Common K57 pill side effects may include:

1. headache

2. dizziness, tiredness, drowsiness

3. stomach pain 

4. Nausea or vomiting, 

5. constipation

6. red eyes, flushing and itching

Apart from all the side effects listed here there are some side effects of oxycodone hydrocodone that may occur. However if you ever experience any chronic side effects of oxycodone do not hesitate to inform your doctor or seek medical help immediately. 

Always make sure you use this medicine as prescribed by your doctor and never abuse it. Opioids can be so addicting so make sure you never abuse this medicine.  hence, if you feel like you need to take more than oxycodone as prescribed by your doctor then make sure you inform your doctor about it.

Always ask questions about what you don’t understand, your healthcare practitioner will enlighten you more about this medicine. 

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Opioids can interact with many other drugs that can lead to chronic side effects or even death. So make sure your doctor knows if you also use ; 

  1. Other opiods aside from oxycodone hydrochloride which includes prescription cough medicine or strong opioid analgesics. Some opioids such as pill 54 27, t194, oc80. This medication may have drowsy effects so some antihistamines such as Texa pills can also increase the side effects of K57 pills. 

2. Sedatives : clonazepam, alprazolam, Ativan, Valium, Xanax, lorazepam, Klonopin, temazepam, Restoril.

3. Sleeping pills 

4. medicine for Parkinson’s disease

5. Medicine for anxiety, depression, mental illness. 

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