NairaQuest Review: Legit Or Scam? Read This Before You Join

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This is a descriptive guide on Nairaquest review: How to make money as low as N3k daily reading news and sharing sponsored posts using your smartphone.

In this Nairaquest review, you will know;

  • What Nairaquest is all about
  • How Naira Quest works
  • How to do Nairaquest registration
  • Whether Nairaquest is real, legit, or another scam

Ready to make some money online in Nigeria? Be sure you join this program.

What is NairaQuest all about? is a read news and get paid website founded in May 2020 to further make life easy and fun for the youths out there. is an incorporated organization, a registered E-commerce website that is 100% legit.

Nairaquest presents current news from the leading world’s mass media, delivering legitimate services and keeping you entertained always. They also open up new avenues where you can earn money by just reading the news on our website. The platform lets you earn money by reading news online.

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Why join Nairaquest income Program?

  1. Registration bonus and extra bonus once you log in for the first time
  2. They pay for daily login, reading, and sharing of sponsored posts without delay
  3. They pay referral earnings daily (50% referral bonus)
  4. Fantastic customer support
  5. They pay activities earnings without delay
  6. You also stand a chance to win a trip to UAE (Dubai) if you happen to be one of the highest earners.

How to earn on Nairaquest

Below are ways you can make money on Nairaquest with just N2,000 registration fee.

  1. Registration bonus of 2000 points
  2. Reading news earns you 50 points
  3. When you comment on post earn you 50 points
  4. You earn 250 points for daily login
  5. When you share sponsored post, you earn 100 points daily
  6. Referral Bonus earns you N1000
  7. You also win airtime and cash prizes weekly on our Facebook page٫ instagram٫ twitter
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How to buy Nairaquest activation code for registration

The activation code/coupon code is what you will need before you can finish up your registration. And it costs N2000 only.

To buy the Nairaquest activation code, see the contact of a verified activation code vendor below


Nairaquest registration: How to sign up eaily on Nairaquest

To do your Nairaquest registration, follow the steps below or watch the video that follows.

  1. Go to the Nairaquest registration page here
  2. Fill out the form as shown below.
  3. Paste the activation code you bought
  4. Then finish it up
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Is Nairaquest legit or another scam?

Nairaquest is a platform that is supported by Assist Blogger and yes, it is legit.

The CEO of Nairaquest promised to not let it crash like the past income programs in Nigeria we have all been a victim.

How to withdraw earnings on Nairaquest

Affiliate Earners/Referral commissions are paid daily in less than 7 hours of withdrawals request with a minimum of ₦3000٫

While activities Earner are paid Every Two weeks with a minimum of ₦5000

Make sure you share our daily sponsored post, so your withdrawal request doesn’t get declined

30,000Points = ₦5000

Wrapping up Nairaquest review

Assist Blogger has again shown you another platform that pays you to read, comment, and share posts online. I personally recommend this program do yourself some good and join.


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