What Is Zugacoin? Everything You Should About African First Cryptocurrency

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This is a descriptive and investigative guide on Zugacoin (Africa’s first cryptocurrency) nicknamed Africa’s Princess. This article is going to answer all your questions on Zugacoin.

In this article, you will know;

  • What Zugacoin is
  • Who founded/CEO of Zugacoin
  • What Zugacoin will be used for
  • Price of 1 Zugacoin in USD
  • Whether it is right to invest in Zugacoin

What is Zugacoin about?

Zugacoin, a cryptocurrency founded by Bishop Sam Zuga, is a unique brainchild that aims to rebuild Africa’s dying economy by becoming Africa’s first coin in equity and investment funding for Africa’s government instead of China.

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The Zugacoin ecosystem provides the tools, resources and ease-of-use necessary for running a successful business.

Zuga coin was launched in November/December, 2020.

Who is Bishop Sam Zuga? (CEO of Zugacoin)

Weep no more - Archbishop Sam Zuga writes NigeriansBishop Sam Zuga

Bishop Sam Zuga is the Archbishop of House of Joy Ministry (known as Jehovah Field Marshall) who loves empowering youths and Nigerians in the way he could.

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Bishop Sam Zuga is the CEO/Founder of Zugacoin (First African Cryptocurrency).

Zugacoin Targets And What It Will Be Used For

Like every crypto coins, Zugacoin too has purposes to serve. Below are ways it will be used.

According to Zugacoin Whitepaper, Our target users is the African market. Nobody is left out of our unique project. We are targeting the poor, underemployed and unemployed Africa in the streets that currently exceeds over 400million people between the age of 15 to 35.

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    1. We are looking at assisting the African governments in developing our economy
      using Zugacoin as our major currency and power to succeed.
    2. We also plan on taking the development of Africa upon ourselves instead of giving China and other countries the
      opportunity to own every asset in Africa, enrich themselves, and enslave us.
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