OpayBinary Review: Make N50k From Investment Monthly | See How

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This is a descriptive guide on OpayBinary Review and Registration – How to invest on OpayBinary and make N50k monthly.

In this Opaybinary review, you will know;
  • What OpayBinary is about
  • How OpayBinary works
  • How to do OpayBinary registration
  • Whether OpayBinary is a scam or not
Let’s get started.
WARNING: No need to read further. OPAYBINARY is a pure scam. The site is no more available.

What is OpayBinary about?

OpayBinary is an online community that is made up of expert binary investors. OpayBinary is a platform that pays you for investing with them and, in turn, you get a 2.2% Return On Investment daily.

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How OpayBinary works

Like I said earlier, OpayBinary is a trading platform that pays its members returns made from their trading activities.

They pay 2.2% ROI daily, for 30days, with or without referral.

Opaybinary Registration guide

How to join OpayBinary Investment

To become a part of the OpayBinary, you’ll need an Ethereum wallet because that is their means of receiving payments and also paying their members.

Once your Opay Account is ready, you will need a minimum of ₦10,000 and a maximum amount of ₦100,000, to start investing. Depending on your pocket!

OpayBinary Registration: How to do OpayBinary sign up easily

Before doing OpayBinary registration, register on Opay app first. Then follow the steps below;
  1. Go to OpayBinary registration page and fill out the form accordingly. You will need Ethereum wallet to fund your Opaybinary account.
  2. Confirm your email and login to your dashboard
  3. Navigate to the deposit section and input the amount you want to deposit and submit.
  4. After that, go to your Ethereum wallet account and make a transfer of any amount you want to the Ethereum address specified on the deposit
  5. Once your transfer is successful, wait for your account to reflect your balance.
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NOTE: Within two days of the creation of your account on OpayBinary, if you don’t make a deposit to start trading, after 48hours it will be terminated. It is not for unserious people.

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How to fund Opaybinary account

To deposit money into your Opaybinary account to start trading within 48hours of registration, you will need an Ethereum wallet.

To get Ethereum wallet, you can make use of any of the following;

  • Luno App (Android)
  • Trust wallet
  • Meta Mask (PC only)

When you get a wallet, you can then navigate to the deposit section on Opaybinary and put in the amount you want to deposit.

NOTE: The 30% for tax and maintenance still remains.

Opaybinary now accepts deposit via Ethereum wallet


How to make money on OpayBinary

There are just two ways. Viz;

  1. You get 2.2% increase on your account daily. The more your principal, the more your interest.
  2. Referral bonus: OpayBinary pays 20% bonus from everyone you refer to them. If the person deposit 100k, you get 20k bonus.
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The good news, you get to withdraw from your account anytime and that reduces the risk of mishaps.

Who Should join OpayBinary?

Anyone can join OpayBinary Investment program, no matter your background and monthly or daily income.

If you are ready to make more money with your money, you should join OpayBinary.
Tired of waiting alone on salary? Join OpayBinary Investment program.

Is OpayBinary legit or another scam?

OpayBinary doesn’t seem to be a legit program. They came in some months ago and suddenly, the site is no longer accessible. They have no plan of staying for long.

What OpayBinary is not

  • OpayBinary is not a Ponzi Scheme!
  • Opaybinary is not HYIP!
  • Opaybinary is not an MLM; although it pays a referral commission
  • Opaybinary generates its income from Forex and Binary Options trading!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Opaybinary

(1). Do I need to refer people before I earn? 

(2). Do I need to log in every day before I can earn? 
ANS: NO…. (Interest is paid automatically into your account in every 24hours)

(3). Do I earn both my capital and profit after the 24hours trade period? 

(4). How long will this business last? 
ANS: As long as Forex and Binary options trading continues to exist

(5). Are you sure I don’t need to refer anybody before I make money? 

(6). When can I withdraw?
ANS: Anytime you wish (but it is advisable to leave it for at least 30 days to get the maximum profit)

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(7). How can I make a deposit for investing with Opaybinary? 
ANS: Via Ethereum Wallet

(8). Is this not a scam? 
ANS: New technology is not easily accepted but a trial will convince you.

Opaybinary Profit Calculation

The profit you will make depends on the amount of money you funded.
The least amount you can fund is N10,000 and the maximum amount is N100,000.

Every deposit you make on the platform attracts 30% charges. No charges during withdrawal though. 30% of your deposit is used for tax payment and account maintenance.

If you fund your account with N10,000, you will receive N7000 in your account. The 2.2% compound interest on the N7000 for 30 days, gives you approximately N14,000.

If you leave it for the next 30 days, you will get N28,000. The more you leave your money on the site, the more you earn.

You can withdraw the bonus immediately to your Ethereum wallet. But if you leave it, you will also get interest on it.

Wrapping up OpayBinary Review

If you want to make money, you have got to be ready to do so. OpayBinary is another legit program you can join to make a reasonable return on your investment every month. This Opaybinary review has explained everything you need. To get started with Opaybinary investment, you need just an Ethereum wallet funded with at least N10,000.

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