List Of Private Polytechnic In Nasarawa State

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Are you a student looking for practical skills to kickstart your career? Private polytechnics in Nasarawa State could be the answer you’re seeking. Unlike traditional university routes, these institutions offer hands-on learning experiences tailored to industry demands. Here’s a comprehensive list of accredited private polytechnics in Nasarawa State, their locations, and areas of specialization:


  1. Akwanga Polytechnic: Established in 2013, this institution offers National Diplomas (ND) in Business Administration and Computer Science, providing students with a solid foundation in these fields.
  2. Apostolic Faith Polytechnic: Specializing in Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Mass Communication ND programs, this polytechnic emphasizes practical learning to prepare students for the workforce.
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  1. Al-Hikma Polytechnic: Committed to Islamic values and technical expertise, Al-Hikma Polytechnic offers ND programs in Accounting, Computer Science, and Science Laboratory Technology, blending religious principles with modern education.
  2. Lafia City Polytechnic: Focusing on business and technology, this institution offers ND programs in Marketing, Computer Science, and Hospitality Management, equipping students with skills relevant to today’s job market.


  1. Dominion City Polytechnic: Located in Mararaba Gurku, this polytechnic provides ND programs in Civil Engineering, Mass Communication, and Public Administration, offering a diverse range of career pathways.
  2. Nasarawa Polytechnic: Established in 2004, Nasarawa Polytechnic offers a wide array of ND programs including Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Surveying and Geoinformatics, and Statistics, catering to various interests and career goals.
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Other Locations:

  1. Nasarawa Eggon Polytechnic: Situated in Nasarawa Eggon Local Government Area, this institution offers ND programs in Business Administration and Computer Science, providing students with foundational knowledge in these areas.
  2. Wamba Polytechnic: Located in Wamba Local Government Area, Wamba Polytechnic focuses on ND programs in Agricultural Technology and Community Development, contributing to the development of rural areas through practical education.
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Whether you’re interested in business, technology, engineering, or agriculture, these accredited private polytechnics in Nasarawa State offer a valuable alternative to traditional university pathways. With their emphasis on practical skills and industry relevance, graduates are well-prepared to enter the workforce and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

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