HotPay Income Program Review: Legit or Scam? | Read This Before You Join

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Welcome to Hotpay income program review. I will be sharing with you stuffs about, whether it is legit or not.

In this hotpay income program review, you will know;

  • What hotpay income is about
  • How hotpay income program works
  • Whether it is legit or another scam

Have you heard of Hotpay income program before now? If no, keep reading to know more. Before you do, check out this guide on profitable businesses you can start in Nigeria with N10000.

What is Hotpay income program about?

HotPay income is an online program where one gets paid for performing some tasks online.

Just like other get paid to read news websites in Nigeria, Hotpay income pays its members for referring people, reading news, writing articles, commenting and sharing sponsored posts.

Although the identity of the owner is unknown, the program was created a month ago before publishing this article. As at this time, it has 300 members.

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How hotpay income works

Like I said earlier, it is a read news and get paid website. With one time registration fee of N400, anyone can become a member and have full access to making money on the site.

They offer referral bonus and activities earnings as the two ways they pay their members.

Ways to earn/make money on Hotpay income program

  1. Daily login – 3 points
  2. Reading news – 3 points
  3. Commenting – 3 points
  4. Submitting posts – 100 points
  5. Sharing sponsored posts – 150 points
  6. Referral bonus – N200

Hotpay income registration

To register on hotpay income program, you will need a registration fee of N400 only which is what you will use to buy coupon code to finish up the registration.

Once you get the coupon code from their verified vendors, follow the steps below to register on hotpay income.

  1. Go to Hotpay website @
  2. Click on register
  3. Input your coupon code
  4. Fill the registration form accordingly
  5. Submit and you are done
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How to login to hotpay income

Once your registration is successful, you can then login to your hotpay dashboard.

  • Go to hotpay website
  • Click on the menu icon and select login from the options
  • Enter your details and you are in.

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How to withdraw money on Hotpay income

The amount that can be withdrawn from hotpay income differs when it comes to referral and activities earnings.

Referral earners can withdraw anytime from Monday to Friday. Minimum is N600.

Non-referral earners can cash out when they have minimum of 3000points, which is equal to N1000.

Withdrawal for non-referrals is every 25th of the month.

Is Hotpay income legit or scam?

This site is still new and fresh. Presently, they are legit and scam free. But income programs like this tend to fuck up when they are going closer to being two years old.

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Treat every income program as a potential scam and make sure you don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.

One of the reasons income programs crash is when the members try to play smart by not performing the activities they should perform.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a paid review and neither is this review aimed at promoting or tarnishing the image of the platform. This article is only meant to guide whoever wishes to join the program.

Wrapping up HotPay income program review

Assist Blogger again has given you stuffs you should know about Hotpay income. If you can risk it, go ahead. If not, share and let your friends know about it.

Are you already a member of Hotpay income? Share what you feel with other people in the comment below.

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