JuiceBox Creative Review: Legit Or Scam? Read This Before You Join

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Welcome to another review on Assist Blogger. In this guide, I will be sharing with you my JuiceBox review and let you know everything you need to know about JuiceBox Creatives, the new Multilevel Network Marketing in Nigeria.

This is a period everyone wants to make money online because most of us are not actively working as a result of the noble COVID-19 pandemic.

In this review of Juicebox, you will know;

  • What JuiceBox Creatives is about
  • How JuiceBox multilevel Marketing works
  • Whether it is a Ponzi scheme or a legit one

If you are in love or passionate about Multilevel Marketing, this JuiceBox may be just for you.

NOTE: JuiceBox is the same thing as JuiceBoxCreatives.

What is JuiceBox Creatives all about? (also on is a Multilevel Network Income System established on the 4th of April, 2020 by a team of chaps who love to help people make money online in Nigeria. The reason for its creation is not to serve as a full-time source of income, however, it can serve as a full-time source of income if an individual desire to focus on it.

According to the JuiceBox Creatives team;

JuiceBox is a Multi Level Marketing system that was created on the basis of a self substantial matrix system which can never collapse as a result of it’s limited levels of progress.

JuiceBox is structured in a way an average user could make up to N60,000 – N200,000 or more in less than one month three. JuiceBox is strictly for serious minded people that are passionate about changing their financial status and are ready to tap into a self sustainable system of network marketing.

Membership on JuiceBox Creatives terminates when a user attains the highest level of the system. So, if you are interested in continuing the could start the chain over again and register as a new user. And yes, you could have more than one account as this connotes multiple streams of income.

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This is not a Ponzi scheme, users are advised to understand the system totally as the management will not be liable for any loss or misunderstanding.

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How does JuiceBox work?

JuiceBox is a multi-level marketing income system that requires a one-time Registration fee of N3,000 for Cycle 1 and N9,000 for Cycle 2. With this amount, you register an account with us and you automatically start our 4-level system as a Level one (water stage) user.

There are four levels to be completed on Juice Box namely:

  • Level 1: Water
  • Level 2: Orange
  • Level 3: Freeze
  • Level 4: Juice

Facts about the JuiceBox Creatives levels

  1. Immediately you register with N3,000 (Cycle 1) or N9,000 (Cycle 2) you are on the water level.
  2. When you refer two users in your tree and they register under you with the same amount, you are promoted to the Orange Level
  3. To proceed to Freeze level, your two downlines must have their own two downlines completely, hence your downlines are your responsibility and you are expected to guide them. Once they have their own two downlines completed. You get upgraded to the Freeze Level.
  4. To proceed to the Juice Stage which is the last stage, the last set of two users each registered by your downline above must register two under them too. Once completed you are valid to click on the withdraw button and Withdraw a total sum of N20,000(Cycle 1) or N60,000 (Cycle 2).
  5. If you are on cycle 1, after completion, you can click the proceed button to cycle 2 button. In doing this, you will be asked to enter your coupon code (bought for N9,000) and the name of your upline or sponsor.
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JuiceBox Coupon Code for Registration

Before you can have a successful registration on JuiceBox Creatives, you will need to buy a coupon code of N3,000 (for cycle 1) or N9,000 (for cycle 2) from only our recognized coupon vendors.

To see the list of verified coupon sellers, check the JuiceBox Coupon vendor page here.

JuiceBox Registration: How to sign up on JuiceBox easily

  1. Buy a coupon based on the cycle you want
  2. Go to the JuiceBox Registration page.
  3. Fill in the details required on the Registration page e.g. Username, Email Address, Phone Number, Sponsor username, Passwords, Coupon code, Bank Name, Account Name, and Account Number.
  4. Confirm your information before you submit the registration because you won’t be able to edit your bank details.
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Once you are registered, you can then log in to the Juicebox dashboard and start making money.

Is JuiceBox Creatives legit or another scam?

A scam is fraudulently taking people’s money. And just like every other Multilevel Network Marketing system in Nigeria, JuiceBox is similar.

Although, every income program starts with good intentions until the story changes.

Presently, I don’t see Juicebox as a scam. MLM systems are not known to scam people. Whichever way, don’t invest the money you can’t afford to lose.

See some details about JuiceBox below

  • The number of years of domain bought. According to, they bought just one year each for both of their domains.
  • Physical address: They are based in Ikeja. But the exact address was not given. Moreso, the contact page on their site isn’t available.
  • The .com version of was already used by another company. This may be kind of confusing for their members.

DISCLAIMER: This article is solely for education purposes and to let potential members of JuiceBox Creatives know and have answers to their questions. It is not to downgrade the system.

Wrapping up Juicebox Creatives Review

This article, has in details, shown you what you need to know about JuiceBox Creatives. It is a new MultiLevel Network Marketing system in Nigeria where you stand a chance of making at least N60,000 in less than a month.

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