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How To Create Fashion Blog, Get Followers And Make Money Fast

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This is a descriptive guide on how to start a fashion blog and make money from it.

Are you someone who loves talking about fashion, tweeting, keeping your followers updated on trends in fashion and you have been wondering how to take that passion to next level?

Take a sip out of that coffee, relax and peruse this piece on how to create fashion blog with just small money and make the most out of your IG and other social media handles.

Yeah, without wasting time let’s get on!

The niche called fashion

Fashion is a broad, interesting niche. If you ask me, who doesn’t like to look good? Fashion is the blogging niche that involves writing or talking about trending styles in clothing, footwear, makeup, hairstyle and so on. It is a niche in which someone presents himself to others. Whatever styles you are in love with, you can create a blog on it and with time become an authority.

I mean you can create a blog talking about men’s fashion, women’s fashion, shoes, clothing styles and what have you.

There are lots of people searching for the best styles, shoes, how to grow and maintain a bear (I actually need a local blog on this), do makeup etc. Whichever you have interest in, you can set up your blog in no time.

Things needed to create a fashion blog

Creating a fashion blog is not something different from creating/starting a blog on any topic, you may want to read it here. The things you needed are listed below.

See a detailed article on how to start a music blog here.

It is best to start on the right footing. My dear, forget about free wordpress or blogspot accounts. See how much it costs to own a blog here.

1). Web host account (if you have the means) for self-hosted wordpress blog

Web hosting company helps to save your blog contents on their servers for anyone to access from anywhere in the world. In the case of creating a self-hosted blog, you will need a host account. My web host companies recommendation are NAMECHEAP and BLUEHOST (a bit costlier than Namecheap). I used Namecheap for almost all my projects (for domain and webhost) and I love them.

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There are various types of web host accounts. But I recommend shared hosting and EazyWP (WordPress) hosting (there is automatic installation of WordPress when you purchase from Namecheap) services.

Cost of web hosting accounts

On namecheap, presently shared hosting costs as low as $15.44/year (for 20gb disk space + you can use three domains with one account [you can even share with friends]) and as high as $50 (more disk space + more domains) and WordPress hosting costs as low as $22.88/year.

“Personally and from complaints from friends, I do not advice you to buy either personal or business plan on You may end up not liking it. But on self hosted blog, you can do just anything you want with your blog.?

2). Custom domain

Custom domain is your website address e.g This is where your visitors will be reaching out to whenever they want to read stuffs from you. One of the best things you can do while buying your custom domain is making sure you do proper research on google, make your blog name reflects in the domain and make it as short as possible. Check out my guide on domain mistakes bloggers make here.

To buy your domain, I use and recommend NAMECHEAP. .com domain costs $9.06/year. Go there now, buy and get it ready to be used.

3). Theme/Template

On WordPress, we talk about theme. While on Blogspot, we talk about Template. Let me not deceive you, WordPress themes are sometimes expensive. If you have the means ($$$) if not, you can still get free themes on your theme depository in your wordpress dashboard.

One of the best places to buy WordPress theme is Go there, search for any theme you like by searching for “Fashion themes”. Payment for theme is once!

On Blogspot, you can buy your template. It’s not as expensive as that of WordPress. You can get a very cool template for fashion blog as low as $10. Check out websites to download free blogger templates.

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NOTEIf you are not financially ready for WordPress self hosted blog, you are good to go with a Blogspot account. All you need on blogspot is your Custom domain, a good template and design it to your taste.

Click Here To Buy Web Host Plan From Bluehost and get Free Custom Domain

Read how to start a professional blog on blogspot with just $9.06 here.

4). After getting the web host, domain and theme/template ready, the next thing is designing your blog. This is where I come in.

If you do not know how to design, just shoot me a message (09030945543), I will be right with you and give you exactly what you want.

My fee is not expensive ($19.7 negotiable) and it cuts across, tutoring you, supporting, and many more till you are good to go with it alone.

If you want to do it yourself,

After buying the web host and domain from namecheap, you will need to go to your cpanel (the control room of the host account), your host provider will surely help on this, install WordPress, activate free SSL and you are good to go.

CLICK HERE to download my eBook on WordPress Made easy for beginners.

After you have installed WordPress (they will provide instructions on how to) you will get a link to login to your WordPress dashboard and do the rest of the settings. You can download my eBook on WordPress here for better understanding.

How to get traffic to fashion blog

Like I said, who doesn’t like fashion? To give your blog proper awareness, get followers and readers, Instagram is the best place (because that’s the social media structured for photos and believe me, people love pictures and videos) followed by Facebook.

To get traffic to your fashion blog, make sure you give your readers exactly what they wanted e.g best way to grow beard, best shoe to wear in the summer etc and never go off point.

  • Share your blog posts on popular forums e.g Nairaland and Facebook groups.
  • Guest post on other fashion blog as o extend your horizon.
  • Follow basic seo techniques and with time, you will soon be on google front page.
  • And, be consistent with your posting.
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How to monetize fashion blog

Monetizing, making money from fashion comes in various ways.

1). Affiliate marketing: As a Nigerian, jumia or Konga is two of the best online store that pays bloggers for referring customers. When they buy, you get paid a certain commission.

If your blog talks about men’s fashion, the best affiliate program is Ajebomarket.

2). Products reviewing

This is when you review on products you have used before or found interesting e.g shoes, makeups, handbags, hairstyles etc. After the review, you just put the link to buy in the article. Works same way as the affiliate marketing. But, your followers must have trusted you to buy into your reviews.

3). Private advertisements

This is when you get business people in your niche advertise their products on your blog for a certain fee per month. E.g a skin product will do better on a blog that talks about makeups, skin care etc.

4). Sponsored post

You can get money from people who want to sponsor any article on your blog.

5). Google AdSense

This is the most common ways of monetizing a blog. All you have to do is make sure your blog is ready for AdSense, apply and once approved, start making your money. See a guide on how to apply for Google AdSense like a pro here.

Wrapping up how to create fashion blog

Creating fashion is easier than you thought. For a recap, what you need are; Custom domain (.com is better), good theme/template, a web host account (if you want to use WordPress self hosted blog), if not, use Blogspot and a good blog designer or you do it yourself.

Don’t wait till later. The best time to start anything and take your passion to next level is now.

Do you find this article on how to create fashion blog helpful? Why not share with friends?

Waiting to hear from you

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