How To Calculate CGPA In University Of Ibadan (2024)

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The University of Ibadan (UI), often called the “Premier University,” is known for its high academic standards in Nigeria. If you’re a student at UI, understanding and calculating your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is crucial for tracking your academic progress. This guide will walk you through the process in simple steps.

Understanding Grades & Grading System:

UI uses a 4-point grading system. Each letter grade corresponds to a numerical value: A (7.00), B (6.00), C (5.00), D (4.00), and E (0.00). Grades reflect your performance in each course.

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Semester System:

UI operates on a semester system, dividing the academic year into two parts. You’ll take courses each semester, and each course carries specific credit units.

Calculating Weighted Grade Point (WGP):

To calculate WGP, multiply your grade point by the credit unit for each course. For instance, if you scored an A (7.00) in a 3-unit course, your WGP would be 7.00 x 3 = 21.00.

Calculating Semester GPA (SGPA):

Add up all your WGPs for courses in a semester and divide by the total credit units taken that semester. This gives you your SGPA. For example, if your total WGP is 126.00 and you took 18 credit units, your SGPA would be 126.00 / 18 = 7.00.

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Calculating Cumulative GPA (CGPA):

Your CGPA reflects your overall performance at UI. Calculate SGPA for each semester, sum them up, and divide by the total number of semesters completed. For example, if your SGPA for two semesters is 7.00 each, your CGPA would be (7.00 + 7.00) / 2 = 7.00.

Additional Tips:

UI has specific regulations regarding minimum CGPA requirements for various purposes. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these rules. UI offers online tools through the student portal for CGPA calculation. Seek guidance from your advisor or the university’s academic office if you encounter any challenges.

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Mastering CGPA calculation is essential for every UI student. By following these steps and staying informed about UI’s academic regulations, you’ll be better equipped to monitor and improve your academic performance.

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