Tower Polytechnic, Ibadan Cut-Off Marks (2024/2025)

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If you’re aiming to get into Tower Polytechnic, Ibadan, understanding the admission process is key. This guide breaks down the admission criteria, especially focusing on the cut-off marks for National Diploma (ND) programs in the upcoming academic session (2024/2025).

Why Cut-Off Marks Matter:

Cut-off marks are the minimum scores you need to qualify for admission. While scoring above the cut-off doesn’t guarantee admission, it puts you in a better position during the application process.

Tower Polytechnic’s Dynamic Cut-Off System:

Tower Polytechnic’s cut-off marks can vary based on program demand, year-to-year fluctuations, and departmental discretion. Some programs may have higher cut-off marks due to high demand and limited spaces.

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Estimated Cut-Off Marks for Popular Programs:

To give you an idea, here are estimated cut-off marks for some ND programs at Tower Polytechnic:

  • Accountancy: 180
  • Business Administration: 170
  • Computer Science: 190
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering: 185
  • Mass Communication: 165
  • Marketing: 175
  • Mechanical Engineering: 195
  • Science Laboratory Technology: 180

Please note that these are estimates based on past years and may change for the upcoming session.

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Other Factors Considered:

Meeting the cut-off is crucial, but Tower Polytechnic looks at other factors:

  • Post-JAMB screening: Some departments may have additional tests.
  • O’Level results: Strong performance in relevant subjects matters.
  • Catchment area: Priority may be given to local applicants for fairness.

Tips for Your Admission Journey: To boost your chances:

  • Research programs aligning with your interests and strengths.
  • Aim for high JAMB scores and perform well in post-JAMB screenings.
  • Have strong O’Level results, especially in relevant subjects.
  • Understand Tower Polytechnic’s admission criteria.
  • Stay updated on cut-off marks through the official website or the Admissions Office.
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Knowing Tower Polytechnic’s cut-off marks and admission criteria is vital for aspiring students. By preparing well, meeting requirements, and staying informed, you can navigate the admission process confidently. Good luck on your academic journey at Tower Polytechnic!

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