Innoson Motors Price List

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In the heart of Nigeria’s burgeoning automotive industry stands Innoson Motors, a testament to indigenous innovation and enterprise. With a rapidly expanding range of vehicles that includes everything from sleek saloon cars to rugged trucks and buses, Innoson Motors has firmly established itself as a household name in the country. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the diverse range of Innoson vehicles and their respective price points as of 2024.

The Innoson Lineup

1. Saloon Cars

  • Innoson FOX:
  • Manual Transmission: N3.5 million – N3.96 million
  • Automatic Transmission: N3.85 million – N4 million
  • Innoson UMU:
  • Manual Transmission: N3.63 million – N3.81 million
  • Automatic Transmission: N3.96 million – N4.2 million
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2. Pick-up Vehicles

  • From the robust single cabin pick-up 4WD to the 5-seater double cabin variants, prices range between N6.05 million and N7.3 million, offering choices for both utility and comfort.

3. SUVs

  • Whether it’s the sporty G5 or the spacious G6, Innoson SUVs promise a blend of performance and comfort, with prices spanning from N6.38 million to N7.35 million.

4. Vans and Buses

  • From the Uzo series of 7-seater vehicles to the expansive 60-passenger city bus, Innoson offers a comprehensive range of vans and buses tailored for various needs, with prices starting as low as N1.54 million.
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5. Trucks

  • Innoson’s truck lineup caters to diverse business needs, with models like the 8-tonnes swing arm truck priced between N12.65 million and N13.28 million.

Why Choose Innoson Motors?

  • Affordability: With prices starting from as low as N1.5 million, Innoson Motors offers some of the most competitively priced vehicles in the market.
  • Variety: From saloon cars to buses, the brand’s diverse lineup ensures there’s a vehicle for every Nigerian.
  • Durability: Locally made and ruggedly designed, Innoson vehicles are built to withstand Nigeria’s diverse terrains.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Innoson Motors collaborates with leading banks to offer attractive financing options, making vehicle ownership more accessible.
  • Warranty and After-sales Service: With a robust warranty period and nationwide service centers, customers can be assured of comprehensive support.
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Locate Innoson Motors

For those keen to explore Innoson’s offerings firsthand, the brand has showrooms and factories across strategic locations in Nigeria, including Abuja, Lagos, and Enugu.


Innoson Motors stands as a shining example of Nigeria’s potential in the global automotive landscape. With its commitment to quality, affordability, and innovation, the brand is not just selling vehicles but driving the nation’s progress.

For more insights on Nigeria’s automotive landscape and beyond, stay tuned to our blog.

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