Prices of Lexus ES300, ES330 & ES350 in Nigeria

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Lexus, the epitome of luxury and reliability in the automotive world, has firmly entrenched its legacy in Nigeria’s bustling car market. This article delves into the iconic Lexus ES series, charting its evolution, its allure to Nigerian consumers, and the current market prices.

A Brief History of Lexus ES in Nigeria

Since its inception in 1989, the Lexus ES series has consistently resonated with the discerning tastes of Nigerian drivers. The ES300, introduced in 1992, was a game-changer, setting the stage for its successors, the ES330 and ES350. Each iteration brought forth enhanced features, performance, and luxury, further solidifying Lexus’s reputation in the country.

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Current Market Prices

Lexus ES300

A vehicle that embodies classic luxury, the ES300, despite ceasing production in 2003, remains a sought-after model in Nigeria. For those interested:

  • Foreign Used (Tokunbo) Prices (2000 – 2003): From 3 million naira
  • Locally Used Prices (2000 – 2003): From 1.75 million naira

Lexus ES330

Replacing the ES300, the ES330 brought more power and sophistication to the table:

  • Foreign Used Prices (2004 – 2006): From 5.5 million naira
  • Locally Used Prices (2003 – 2006): From 2.5 million naira
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Lexus ES350

Regarded as the pinnacle of the ES series, the ES350 continues to dominate the Nigerian market:

  • Foreign Used Prices (2007 – 2011): From 6.8 million naira
  • Foreign Used Prices (2012 – 2016): From 8 million naira
  • Locally Used Prices (2007 -2011): From 4.6 million naira
  • Locally Used Prices (2012 – 2016): From 6.8 million naira

Note: Prices are subject to factors such as currency exchange rates, vehicle condition, and production year.

Why Lexus ES Series in Nigeria?

The Lexus ES series isn’t just about luxury; it’s about reliability, comfort, and status. These vehicles offer:

  • Comfortable Interiors: From power-adjustable seats to moonroofs.
  • Advanced Safety: Features like side curtain airbags and tire pressure monitors.
  • Timeless Design: Each model boasts a design that stands the test of time.
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The Lexus ES series continues to be a symbol of luxury and prestige in Nigeria. Whether you’re looking to invest in the classic ES300 or opt for the modern ES350, there’s a Lexus waiting to redefine your driving experience.

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