JAMB Subject Combination For Criminology

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Studying criminology in Nigeria offers a unique and enriching experience. This field delves into the understanding of crime, its causes, and its impact on society. In this blog post, we’ll break down the JAMB subject combination required for criminology, making it easy for aspiring students to grasp.

JAMB Subject Combination:

To pursue criminology in Nigeria, you need to pay attention to the JAMB subject combination. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  1. Compulsory Subject:

    • English Language: A strong foundation in communication is essential for analyzing complex criminological concepts.
  2. Core Subjects:

    • Economics: Understanding economic factors that influence crime is key.
    • Mathematics: Data analysis and statistics are vital tools in criminological research.
    • Choose one of the following:
      • Government: Explore the role of legal and political systems in crime and justice.
      • History: Investigate past trends and societal structures shaping crime patterns.
      • Geography: Understand the spatial distribution of crime and its social-environmental linkages.
      • Literature-in-English: Critically analyze social realities and human behavior.
      • French: Expand your research and career opportunities with a foreign language.
      • Christian Religious Studies/Islamic Studies: Examine the ethical dimensions of crime.
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Choosing criminology as a field of study in Nigeria can open doors to a fascinating understanding of crime and its complexities. By focusing on the recommended JAMB subject combination, aspiring criminologists can pave the way for a successful academic journey and a rewarding career.

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