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How To Add Music To Blogspot Without Downloading The Song (Working Perfectly)

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You probably want to learn how you can embed mp3 files to Blogger with play button without using Google Siteso that your visitors can play before downloading it, just like WordPress blogs.

I will show you shortly how to add music to Blogspot posts without downloading the song yourself.

If you have been here, you would have read my articles on; How to add audio files to blogger (blogspot) with Google site and How to add audio files to blogspot that shows numbers of download.

I later got to know that, Google site has limits of files you can upload, so also the method two i discussed, using Download Better (500mb limit for free account).

What’s the way out? Chil!

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What you need to add music inside Blogspot without downloading the song

You don’t anything for this that can cost you extra mobile data. All you need to do is get any popular WordPress blog that has the song you want to blog (e.g etc), get the download link and use the code i will share with you soon to embed the song on your Blogspot blog.

SEE DEMO BLOG HERE: Naija Paste Blog

How to add music to Blogspot with play button

Follow the steps below;

Step 1: Get the song you want to blog about on any WordPress blog ready

Step 2: Download the banner of the song and write the song description yourself (you don’t need much on this).

Step 3: Copy the download link of the song on any WordPress blog (like this:  (take note of how the url is).

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Step 4: Go to your Blogspot blog, write the title, song description etc, THEN, change the text area to HTML form and copy the code below (in step 5) to the area you want to embed the song.

Step 5: <audio controls><source src=”PASTE THE URL OF THE SONG YOU COPIED HERE“/></source></audio>

Replace, PASTE THE URL OF THE SONG YOU COPIED HERE with the url you copied on the WordPress blog.

Step 6: After step 5 above, change it back to normal post area.

You can either add another Download Link or leave it like that. Then Publish your post.

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Disadvantages of using Google site to upload audio files to Blogspot

I discussed how to use this method on how to add audio files to blogpsot. The disadvantages are;

  1. The play button doesn’t work on Desktop or Laptop.
  2. It has limited number of files you can use with the google site account (if you have so many songs to upload, you may be disappointed).
  3. Some browsers do not support it.
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Wrapping up how to add music to Blogspot without downloading the song

This is the trick i discovered after i was not able to use Google site due to limited space. By now, you can embed audio songs inside blogger blog with download and play button. All you need is Download link from WordPress blog.

I believe this will help. Don’t forget to drop a comment below to let me know.

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