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How Much Orange Juice For 100 Mimosas?

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Are you gearing up to host a fabulous event, be it a bridal shower or a Sunday brunch with the ladies? Picture this: a room filled with laughter and clinking glasses, with everyone enjoying the tangy and sweet delight of mimosas. Before your gathering can be a smashing success, meticulous planning is key, especially when it comes to estimating the right amount of mimosa supplies. In this guide, we’ll explore the perfect mimosa recipe, alternatives to traditional orange juice, quantities needed for different group sizes, and tips for a flawless mimosa experience.

Crafting the Perfect Mimosa Recipe:

Mimosas are renowned for their fresh taste and versatility, making them a staple at special events. The classic mimosa comprises equal parts orange juice and sparkling wine, topped with a fruity garnish. While the base recipe is consistent, variations abound, from using real Champagne to opting for more budget-friendly alternatives like Prosecco or Cava. For larger crowds, consider recipes that recommend slightly reducing the amount of sparkling wine per serving to save costs without compromising the bubbly experience.

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Mimosa Alternatives:

Breaking away from the traditional orange juice, mimosas can be crafted with a variety of sour fruits. Grapefruit juice and pineapple juice are excellent alternatives, each offering a unique twist to the classic mimosa. Hosting a mimosa bar with different fruit purees allows guests to create their own personalized drinks, adding a creative touch to your event. For a non-alcoholic option, sparkling water, juice, or soda can replace the sparkling wine, ensuring everyone can join in the celebration.

Calculating Quantities:

To ensure you have enough supplies, understanding how much people typically drink is crucial. Mimosas are traditionally served in thin champagne flutes, holding up to 6oz, although 4oz pours are common in many establishments. Use the table below as a guide to estimate the amount of orange juice needed for different group sizes. Keep in mind variations in guest preferences, potential limitations (such as underage attendees), and the option to prepare slightly larger quantities for those who might indulge in more than one glass.

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Guests Orange Juice (6oz) Orange Juice (4oz)
10 1 Liter 1/2 Liter
25 2 Liters 1.5 Liters
50 4.5 Liters 3 Liters
100 9 Liters 6 Liters
200 18 Liters 12 Liters

Does Drinking Mimosas Make You Drun

k Faster?

While mimosas are known for their light and bubbly nature, it’s essential to be mindful of the potential effects of alcohol. The carbonation in sparkling wine accelerates alcohol absorption, so it’s wise to plan responsibly. If you’re concerned about alcohol content, non-alcoholic alternatives or sparkling juices can provide a delightful experience without the same level of inebriation. Remember to stay hydrated and consider the well-being of all your guests, including those who may be designated drivers.

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Perfect Pairings for Mimosas:

Mimosas are quintessential brunch fare, making them an ideal companion for a variety of dishes. Whether it’s eggs, pastries, or a breakfast sandwich, the lightness of mimosas balances the richness of brunch foods. Consider incorporating mimosas into your brunch spread, enhancing the overall experience for your guests.


With the right recipe, alternative options, and careful planning, hosting an event with mimosas can be a delightful and memorable experience. Whether you’re catering to a small group or a larger crowd, understanding your guests’ preferences and being mindful of responsible drinking ensures a successful celebration. Cheers to crafting the perfect mimosa event that everyone will remember!

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