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How Many Brussels Sprouts For a Crowd?

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When planning an event or gathering, one of the key considerations is how much food to prepare, and Brussels sprouts often find their way onto the menu. To ensure you have the right amount for your crowd, it’s essential to understand the recommended serving sizes, factors that influence consumption, and cost-effective shopping options. In this guide, we’ll break down the estimates, explore serving suggestions, and provide tips on limiting waste and cost.

Estimating Brussels Sprouts for Your Crowd

Standard Serving Sizes:

For a general guideline, consider that individuals typically consume around 1/3 pound of Brussels sprouts per person in a mixed-gender crowd. Men may eat up to 1/2 pound, while women usually opt for 1/4 pound. A standard serving comprises about four Brussels sprouts, totaling approximately three ounces.

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Crowd Estimations:

  • Mixed-Gender Crowd:
    • 5 people: 1.7 pounds
    • 10 people: 3.3 pounds
    • 15 people: 5 pounds
    • 20 people: 6.7 pounds
    • 25 people: 8.3 pounds
    • 30 people: 10 pounds
  • All Men Event:
    • 5 people: 2.5 pounds
    • 10 people: 5 pounds
    • 15 people: 7.5 pounds
    • 20 people: 10 pounds
    • 25 people: 12.5 pounds
    • 30 people: 15 pounds
  • All Women Event:
    • 5 people: 1.25 pounds
    • 10 people: 2.5 pounds
    • 15 people: 3.75 pounds
    • 20 people: 5 pounds
    • 25 people: 6.25 pounds
    • 30 people: 7.5 pounds

Expert Insights:

Caterers often estimate consumption based on experience. While some suggest 1/2 pound per person, others lean towards 1/4 pound, considering the varying preferences and the fact that not everyone may indulge in Brussels sprouts.

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Factors Influencing Consumption:

Other Sides:

  • Men: 1/3 pound
  • Women: 1/5 pound
  • Children: 3 ounces (if they eat Brussels sprouts)

No Other Sides:

  • Men: 1/2 pound
  • Women: 1/3 pound
  • Children: 3 ounces

Tips to Limit Brussels Sprouts Needed:

  1. Pre-Serve the Brussels Sprouts:
    • Pre-serving helps control portions, reducing the likelihood of excess consumption.
  2. Use Smaller Plates:
    • Smaller plates create a visual illusion of a fuller plate, leading to less consumption.
  3. Provide Sides:
    • Offering diverse sides gives guests options, potentially reducing the demand for Brussels sprouts.
  4. Serve the Brussels Sprouts Yourself:
    • Directly managing servings can prevent overindulgence and reduce waste.

What to Serve With Brussels Sprouts:

  • Salad: A classic choice that complements Brussels sprouts well.
  • Soup: Hearty soups, especially those with meat, pair excellently.
  • Pasta: Versatile and loved by many, offering various options.
  • Chicken: A substantial dish that can fill up guests, reducing Brussels sprouts intake.
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Cost Considerations:

Shopping at different stores can impact costs:

  • Walmart: $2.97 per pound
  • Target: $2.69 per 12 ounces (note: slightly more expensive)
  • Albertsons: $2.99 per pound

Choosing an economical option like Walmart can significantly impact your budget, especially for larger gatherings.


Understanding how much Brussels sprouts to prepare for your event involves considering factors such as serving sizes, guest preferences, and cost-effective shopping. By following these estimates and tips, you can ensure a well-balanced menu that satisfies your guests while minimizing waste and expenses. Enjoy your event with the perfect serving of Brussels sprouts for everyone!

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