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How Many Bags of Chips to Buy for any Group Size

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When planning an event, one of the common challenges is determining how many bags of chips to buy. Purchasing too many can lead to leftovers, while buying too few might leave your guests wanting more. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the ideal number of bags based on your group size and the type of event you’re hosting.

Determining the Right Quantity:

To simplify the decision-making process, assume each guest will consume two servings of chips, totaling around 36 chips. Adjusting for serving sizes and variations, we’ll explore the best options for regular-sized bags, individual bags, and party-sized bags.

  1. Regular-Sized Bags:

    • Bag Size: 8 ounces
    • Serving Size: 2 ounces per person (2 servings)
    • Bags Needed:
      • Five people: 2 bags
      • Ten people: 3 bags
      • Twenty people: 5 bags
      • Fifty people: 13 bags
      • One hundred people: 20 bags
  2. Individual Bags:

    • Bag Size: Standard individual bags
    • Serving Size: 1 bag per person (2 servings)
    • Bags Needed:
      • Five people: 10 bags
      • Ten people: 20 bags
      • Twenty people: 40 bags
      • Fifty people: 100 bags
      • One hundred people: 200 bags
  3. Party-Sized Bags:

    • Bag Size: 13 ounces
    • Serving Size: 2 servings per person
    • Bags Needed:
      • Five people: 1 bag
      • Ten people: 2 bags
      • Twenty people: 3 bags
      • Fifty people: 7 bags
      • One hundred people: 14 bags
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Choosing the Right Size for Your Event:

  • Small Groups (Up to 10 people): Regular-sized bags are cost-efficient with minimal leftovers.
  • Medium Groups (10-25 people): Party-sized bags offer a balance of cost-efficiency and variety.
  • Large Groups (25+ people): Individual bags in bulk provide both variety and cost-efficiency.

Considerations for Different Events:

  • Potlucks: Opt for fewer chips, as there are various food options.
  • Birthday Parties: Plan for more chips, as limited food options may lead to increased chip consumption.
  • Long Events: Allocate more bags for extended gatherings, where people may continue snacking throughout.
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By understanding your group size, event type, and duration, you can confidently choose the right quantity and size of chip bags. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large celebration, this guide ensures you’ll have the perfect amount of chips to keep your guests satisfied. Enjoy your event with the ideal snack-to-guest ratio!

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