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How Much Roast Beef Per Person?

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When it comes to serving roast beef, whether as a mouthwatering sandwich or a star main course at your gathering, getting the right amount is key to a successful meal. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the perfect servings for different occasions, from family dinners to large gatherings. Plus, we’ll share tips on where to buy quality roast beef. Let’s dive in!

How Much Roast Beef for Sandwiches?

Elevate your sandwich game by incorporating delicious roast beef. The ideal serving ranges from 3-10 ounces per person, catering to both kids and adults. Jimmy John’s, for instance, uses about 66-68 grams (2-3 ounces) of meat per sandwich, a handy rule of thumb for your calculations. Multiply the number of sandwiches by your desired meat amount, convert it to pounds, and order accordingly from your local deli or butcher shop.

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How Much Roast Beef for the Main Course?

For roast beef as the main dish, plan for approximately 10 ounces per person. Consult your recipe or use our guide for estimating the amount needed. Multiply by the number of guests, adjusting based on your knowledge of their appetites. This ensures everyone leaves satisfied without excessive leftovers.

How Much Roast Beef for a Small Family?

Planning a family dinner? Consider 1/2 to 2 pounds of roast beef for a small family. Factor in your kids’ preferences, meal planning, and the option for leftovers. Order accordingly, keeping the balance between having enough for the meal and avoiding unnecessary waste.

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How Much Roast Beef for a Large Gathering?

Hosting a large gathering requires precise planning. Count the number of confirmed guests, add a buffer for unexpected attendees, and estimate the amount of meat needed per person. Apply this method to other aspects of your meal planning, such as side dishes and beverages.

How Much Roast Beef for a Side Dish?

When roast beef is a side dish, plan accordingly by using the same multiplication method. Since it won’t be the main filler, you can allocate less meat per person. This simplifies your planning and ensures you have enough to complement the other elements of your meal.

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Where to Buy Roast Beef?

Ordering roast beef is convenient and accessible. Local grocery store delis or butcher shops are excellent options. Specify the type, thickness, and pounds you need. Ensure to order in advance to guarantee your preferred choices. If you’re not picky, generic brands from the grocery store deli will suffice.


With this guide, you’re equipped to serve the perfect amount of roast beef for any occasion. From intimate family dinners to large gatherings, thoughtful planning ensures a satisfying meal for everyone. Order from your local deli or butcher, and get ready to impress with a delicious roast beef feast!

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