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How Many Sodas to Buy for any Group Size

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Hosting an event and wondering how much soda to buy? We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive soda buying guide that not only helps you calculate the quantity you need but also suggests cost-effective options and popular choices. Read on to make your event planning a breeze!

Calculating Soda Quantity:

When it comes to estimating the amount of soda needed for your gathering, we’ve broken it down based on different sizes of soda containers. The rule of thumb is to provide an eight-ounce serving per person for every hour of the event.

Two-Liter Sodas:

  • Each two-liter soda contains nearly 68 fluid ounces, serving approximately 8 people.
  • Assuming a three-hour event with one serving per hour, here’s how much you need:
    • Five people: 2 two-liter sodas
    • Ten people: 4 two-liter sodas
    • Twenty people: 8 two-liter sodas
    • Fifty people: 18 two-liter sodas
    • One hundred people: 36 two-liter sodas
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One-Liter Sodas:

  • A one-liter soda serves about 4 people.
  • For a three-hour event with one serving per hour, you’ll need:
    • Five people: 4 one-liter sodas
    • Ten people: 8 one-liter sodas
    • Twenty people: 16 one-liter sodas
    • Fifty people: 36 one-liter sodas
    • One hundred people: 72 one-liter sodas

Bottled Sodas:

  • Bottles typically contain 20 ounces, and the average person drinks one bottle per hour.
  • For a three-hour event, you’ll need:
    • Five people: 15 bottled sodas
    • Ten people: 30 bottled sodas
    • Twenty people: 60 bottled sodas
    • Fifty people: 150 bottled sodas
    • One hundred people: 300 bottled sodas
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Canned Sodas:

  • With each can containing 12 ounces, people usually consume one can per hour.
  • For a three-hour event, plan for:
    • Five people: 15 canned sodas
    • Ten people: 30 canned sodas
    • Twenty people: 60 canned sodas
    • Fifty people: 150 canned sodas
    • One hundred people: 300 canned sodas

Choosing the Best Size for Your Group:

Considering both cost and quantity, two-liter sodas emerge as the most budget-friendly option for larger groups. However, for smaller gatherings with minimal leftovers, other choices may suit you better.

Cost Comparison:

  • Canned sodas: About $8 for 24 cans (33 cents per can)
  • Bottled sodas: Approximately $3 for 6 bottles (50 cents per bottle)
  • One-liter sodas: Around $1.15 per bottle (29 cents per serving)
  • Two-liter sodas: Roughly $1.50 per bottle (19 cents per serving)
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Popular Soda Choices:

Ensure your guests are satisfied by offering popular soda options, including Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Fanta, Squirt, Sierra Mist, Root Beer, and 7 Up. Don’t forget to consider diet versions, which are gaining popularity due to heightened awareness of sugar content.


With this soda buying guide, you can confidently plan your event, knowing you’ve got the right quantity and the best value for your money. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large party, make your soda selection wisely, and your guests are sure to have a fizzy, enjoyable time!

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