fortune feimster biography and weight loss journey

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Fortune Feimster’s Early Life and Career Beginnings

Fortune Feimster was born in South Carolina in 1981. She grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and attended South Mecklenburg High School. From a young age, Fortune had an interest in comedy and performing. In high school, she was involved in theater productions and took acting classes outside of school.

After graduating high school in 1999, Fortune attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. She studied theater and film while in college. During this time, Fortune began honing her comedic skills by performing stand-up comedy at local comedy clubs in her free time.

In 2004, Fortune feimster graduated from UNC Wilmington with a Bachelor’s degree. After college, she moved to New York City to pursue comedy full time. For several years, Fortune worked regularly at comedy clubs in New York while taking on small acting roles in television and film. Her big break came in 2009 when she was selected to perform at the Montreal Comedy Festival. This led to her getting noticed by talent agents and more significant opportunities in Hollywood.

Breakout Roles and Television Success

In 2010, Fortune booked one of her first major television roles playing a small recurring character on the TBS comedy series Glory Daze. This helped raise her profile within the industry. In the following years, Fortune guest starred on shows like 2 Broke Girls, Inside Amy Schumer, and Adam Ruins Everything.

Her career reached new heights in 2013 when she was cast as a featured performer on the second season of Chelsea Lately. Fortune’s witty observations and hilarious takes on current events became popular segments on the late night E! television show. This increased her fame significantly and led to many more opportunities in television and film.

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In 2015, Fortune landed the role of host for the weekly Netflix NFL parody sports series The Break with Michelle Wolf. She shone in this role, mixing humor with her genuine fandom and knowledge of football. The show was a hit and ran for two seasons.

Fortune’s Breakout Role on 2 Broke Girls

One of Fortune’s most high profile roles to date has been playing eccentric characterko Cheyanne Murphy on the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls. She joined the show in its fourth season in 2014 in a recurring role that was later promoted to a series regular position.

As Cheyanne, Fortune brought plenty of laughs with her unique personality and comedic line delivery. Viewers enjoyed her wacky antics and romantic misadventures as the quirky cashier at the diner where the main characters worked. Fortune’s strengths in physical comedy and improvisation shined brightly in this role.

Featuring regularly in one of television’s most popular sitcoms at the time elevated Fortune’s status significantly. Her work on 2 Broke Girls played a major part in establishing her as a household name and beloved comedic personality. She remained with the series until it concluded in 2017 after six seasons.

Fortune Embarks on a Health and Wellness Journey

In addition to experiencing great success in her professional career, Fortune was also undergoing personal changes around this time. Like many who work in entertainment, Fortune had struggled with body image issues and yo-yo dieting. At 5’3″, her weight had fluctuated to over 200 pounds at times.

In 2014, the same year she joined the cast of 2 Broke Girls, Fortune made the decision to fully commit to improving her health and losing unwanted weight. She adopted a primarily vegan diet and began an exercise regimen focused on strength and cardio training. Fortune shared her journey on social media to help motivate and inspire others.

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Through consistent diet and exercise changes, Fortune was able to lose over 70 pounds within two years. Photos from this time period showed a noticeable slimming of her face and body. However, she maintained her curvy figure and never took her transformation to an unhealthy extreme. For Fortune, it was about achieving a weight where she felt confident and energetic – not reaching a specific number on the scale.

Fortune’s Message of Body Positivity

As she lost weight, Fortune worked to spread a message of body acceptance and inclusion. She wanted to make it clear her journey was about health – not seeking some impossible standard of thinness. In interviews, Fortune emphasized loving yourself at any size but striving to feel your best.

Fortune challenged opinions that only thin people can be truly happy or worthy. She advocated stopping the bullying and criticism often directed at plus size people, especially women. Her hope was that all bodies would be embraced with compassion instead of cruel judgment. No one deserves to feel humiliated or less-than due to their appearance.

This emphasis on body positivity resonated strongly with Fortune’s fans. Many admired her confidence at both her highest and lowest weights. They appreciated her bringing more representation and humor to discussions about health at every size. Fortune proudly showed it’s possible to prioritize self-care without hating your current looks in the process.

Fortune Continues Thriving in Film and Stand-Up

Even as she transformed her physique, Fortune remained dedicated to advancing her comedy career. In 2016 and 2017, she worked on the Netflix stand-up specials The Standups and The Standups: All Night Long. This expanded her fanbase and demonstrated her skills as a headlining act.

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Fortune has also cultivated a successful side career as a film actress. Some of her notable movie roles include Support the Girls (2018), Brittany Runs a Marathon (2019), and Happiest Season (2020). She brings depth and laughs to both comedic and dramatic parts.

In recent years, Fortune feimster has toured extensively with successful stand-up shows. Her authentic Southern charm and rapid-fire deliver of hilarious anecdotes resonate strongly with live audiences. Her special Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty premiered on Netflix in January 2021 to rave reviews.

Fortune’s Message of Hope and Self-Acceptance

By being candid about both health victories and ongoing struggles, Fortune has developed into an inspirational figure for many. She advocates prioritizing inner well-being over unrealistic notions of perfection. For Fortune feimster, true confidence comes from loving ourselves – not harsh criticism or comparison to others.

Today, Fortune remains dedicated to maintaining a balanced lifestyle. While her weight still fluctuates at times, she continues maximizing her energy and enjoyment of life through sensible habits. Fortune reminds all of us that self-improvement is a lifelong journey with no definitive finish line.

What sets Fortune apart is her refusal to face obstacles alone. Through social media and public speaking, she offers hope, encouragement and humor to anyone wanting to feel better. Her message is that every journey, whether with health, relationships or career, goes much smoother with empathy, community and self-compassion as guides.

Fortune Feimster proves happiness has no expiration date or size limitation. By embracing life with wit, wisdom and a sense of shared struggle, she inspires people everywhere to love themselves well. Her star continues rising as one of comedy’s most genuine voices of positivity, empowerment and realness.

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