Liparol — Liparol Side effects, Warning, Uses, Overdose

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Liparol also known as Lipitor is a class of drugs used for the treatment of high cholesterol, fats, and every other heart condition. Its generic name is atorvastatin. Liparol is also known as an HMG COA reductase inhibitor, mostly used by people with level 2 diabetes, and other coronary heart diseases, plus other risk factors like stroke, heart attack, genetically high cholesterol, and many more.

Liparol is a drug taken alongside diet to reduce high cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) LDL, to have a balanced level of cholesterol(high-density lipoprotein) HDL, and to ensure a good level of fat in the blood (triglycerides). The active ingredient present in liparol is Atorvastatin calcium.

Moreover, the intake of adequate diet, exercise, stopping smoking, and losing weight if overweight can eventually help this drug work better.

How To Use Liparol

Ensure you go through the patient information leaflet before you consume this pill, or ensure direction from your doctor/ physician before you can take this medication.

Atorvastatin is being consumed through the mouth, with or without food, just as directed by your doctor and it should not be more than 1 tablet per day.
The recommended dosage to be taken must be prescribed by a doctor concerning your health condition, age, and response to treatment. And also, other drugs you take alongside liparol must be made known to your doctor( prescribed, non-prescribed including herbal products).

Don’t eat grapefruit or juice, while on this medication, unless your physician tells you to take them. Grapefruit or juice can add to the effectiveness of this pill in your bloodstream.
So confirm from your doctor on further pieces of information.

Although, if you are on medications that are against high cholesterol, like colestipol and others, then take liparol at least an hour or more after taking these medications to cause these products can probably react with liparol and stop it from being effective.

Make sure you take this medication according to your physician’s instruction, for effective results, and do not neglect your time interval. It is very crucial, that you adhere to your doctor’s direction on the intake of diet and exercise. And mind you, it takes about 3-4 weeks before you can observe the effect of this medication.

Do not stop taking this medication, even if you feel better, because severe persons with high cholesterol don’t experience sick health, only If your doctor directs you to do so.

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Liparol Side Effects

Also know that you do not need to worry about the side effects of this medication because your doctor has considered this before he prescribed this pill for you. Only a few people experience side effects after taking atorvastatin, but if you experience any rare effects, quickly report to your doctor. Atorvastatin rarely causes or worsens diabetes, speak with your physician on the merit and risks involved. It is also hard to see any case, where liparol caused a muscle problem, but make sure you report to your doctor any strange symptoms during treatment you feel.

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Liparol may rarely induce liver diseases/ problems. If you observe any serious side effects, do not hesitate to let your doctor know ( continuous vomiting/ nausea, yellowish skin/ eyes, dark urine, severe abdominal/ stomach pain. Though it is rare to experience a very serious allergic reaction due to the intake of this drug if such occurs quickly report it to your doctor.

Do not hesitate to report to your physician these signs; such as severe dizziness, trouble breathing, and itching/swelling (mainly in the tongue, face/throat).
Even if you experience other unidentified signs, don’t feel relaxed about it, tell your physician.

You can also call the health line if you are located in Us, For your medical recommendations concerning the side effects, make your complaints known to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 or Then If you are based in Canada, here is the health line to call for medical recommendation and also report your side effects, If there is any, simply call 1-866-234-2345

Precautions While Taking Liparol

  1. Before taking liparol, consult your doctor, if you are allergic to it or other products.
  2. If you also have any health history like kidney disease, liver disease, etc, also inform your doctor.
  3. If you are about to have surgery, explain that to your doctor, to affirm your safety in taking these pills.
  4. Mind you that this medication, should not be taken during the gestational period, because it may affect your unborn child.
  5. You must take note of this to avoid complications, if you take these pills, then they must be prescribed by your doctor.

Note: It is unknown if liparol can be transferred from the mother, through breast milk to the child, but you must not take this medication without an ahead information from the doctor.

People who can take liparol; are adults and children above 10 years old.

Most Frequent Asked Questions

What is the right way to take liparol?

Taking this medication according to your physician’s instructions is the right way.
Don’t change your doses, reduce or stop your medications without being instructed to do so. The necessary test to be done to confirm your safety with this pill must have been done by your doctor, and if there is a need for change It should be done based on your test results.

You should take this medication at the same time interval. This medication can also be taken with or without food. It is not necessary to halve tablets before you swallow them. Your Doctor is expected to start with a low-fat diet, before prescribing liparol for you.

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What if I missed a dose?

There Is no cause for alarm, If you miss a dose of this medication, just take it immediately you remember. Mind you, it is not necessary to take liparol 12hours after the last missed last doses, just wait for the next time interval, to avoid overdosing.

What If I take overdosed already?

If you find yourself in a caused condition then quickly report to your physician/ doctor. You can also call Poison Control Center near you or visit the closest emergency room.

What if my daily schedule interferes with my medications?

Although you might be a very busy type, that may almost miss your medication time, try to always take your pills at the same time intervals. Or you can try attaching your pills with what you do, touch, or see every day, to help you remember to take them.

Having a calendar for your medication is another best option! so you will add your medications as part of your daily routines. Also, mark✔ if taken, or set an alarm clock to go off, to assure you when to take your prescription for the day. Using a pillbox is another yes option, adding up the days on it.

What should I avoid while on this medication?

Once you are on liparol there are certain foods to avoid that are high in cholesterol or fat. You are advised to take in foods that can help you in burning those fats, which will be suitable with liparol, nevertheless, taking food that has high fats will make the drug non-effective and you won’t be able to get your desired result. Avoid taking alcohol, during the period of this medication, because it can raise triglycerides levels which you may be at risk for liver damage.

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Is there any fruit, I should take while on liparol?

Yes! There are certain fruits to take and ones to avoid. You can take all other fruits apart from grapefruit or juice, this fruit can react with liparol and can lead to serious side effects.

What other drugs will affect Liparol?

Of course, certain drugs can increase/ rise serious muscle problems. That is why it is vital, that you let your doctor know about all medications you are taking alongside liparol. So, just inform your doctor about every tablet you are using, stopping, or about to use, most especially other low lowering cholesterol tablets, birth control pills, heart medications, antibiotics pills, organ transplant rejection pills, Hiv medications, hepatitis drugs, and many more drugs that can interact with liparol including herbal products.

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How to get a brand name liparol?

Below here are three (3) procedures on how to get a branded name LIPAROL

Firstly, at your doctor’s office: Tell your doctor to prescribe the brand new LIPAROL and highlight DAW (which means Dispense as written) on all your prescriptions.

Secondly, Stop by the pharmacy, inform the pharmacist that you want a brand name liparol as prescribed by the doctor, and make sure you use a LIPAROL Saving Card.

This LIPAROL Saving Card can only be used to get the branded LIPAROL.

Thirdly, when you get the medications, confirm if you are given, and ensure you are given; the right choice

Is this liparol, the right choice for me?

This medication is been administered based on the prescription or direction of the doctor/physician. Make out time to ask your physician or doctor, the most questions about Liparol.

What is the right dose to take?

The dosage of liparol to be taken is based on the individual’s ailment but it should not be more than 10 – 20 mg per day also you are to do your cholesterol test 2weeks or 3weeks later. Adhere to the exact instructions/guidelines of your doctor, on how to take your medications, and don’t increase or reduce your dosage without the doctor’s consent.

Can I drink coffee while taking Liparol?

Taking coffee may affect the effectiveness of liparol because coffee contains caffeine and the content of caffeine is a non-specific adenosine receptor blocker. Meanwhile, liparol contains an Adenosine receptor activator which helps it work actively. So you taking coffee which on parol is not a good idea for you, because it can lessen the effectiveness of liparol. Consult your doctor/physician/ healthcare providers about your caffeine intake.

Does Liparol cause weight gain?

This medication belongs to the group of medications called statins, which can reduce cholesterol in the body. Gaining much weight is not a side effect of this medication. Most research has been done and discoveries were found that statins can enhance body weight, and people who take statins take in more calories than people who don’t.

Can you stop taking liparol anytime I wish?

Although, stopping to take liparol any time you wish is a risk. If you haven’t experienced a heart attack or stroke, and you are on high cholesterol numbers, stopping liparol might not be a problem but if otherwise then your health is at risk.

Can I take Liparol every other day?

In patients, who are hypercholesterolemia patients, it is safe to take 10 my of parol per day and it is active in lowering TG, LDL-C, TC, and a little increase in HDL-c

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