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Local Business Directory: List Of Local Business Directories In Nigeria

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Do you want to direct local traffic to your online and/or offline business as a Nigerian? If yes, then you should have your business on any of these lists of local business directories in Nigeria as much as you can.

This article shall give you lists of local business directories in Nigeria that businessmen and women can and should submit their businesses to. See a guide on SEO for business website here.

Do you think people will find your business online in local searches when they type in the kind of businesses and services you offer on search engines? If no, you are still missing out big time. At this age, you do not a website before you can put your business in front of your prospects online.

What is local business directory?

These are websites that do nothing than list businesses for Internet consumers. People go there to find businesses near them by searching with the term, “Website Designer Near Me.

Business Directories simply help put your business in front of local searchers on the Internet. If you type that in Google, you will see lists and maps of website designers in your town, state, and country.

How can local business directories help your business?

  • Help people find your business online when they use the search engines
  • Submitting your business to business directories helps your business website rank well on search engines. When your business ranks on google’s first page, more customers come for you.
  • Help put your business in front of local searchers e.g People searching for the kind of business you offer in your Country, State, City, and even street. For example Scrub sellers in Lagos, Website designer in Akure etc.

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What Can Local Business Directories Offer Your Business?

All or most of the business directories have a review section for businesses and it’s a way to show your credibility and how you have been able to satisfy your clients. Some are Free while most are Free and Paid.

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List Of Local Business Directories In Nigeria

Below are the local business directories your business should be on.

(1). Business List (

Business List, one of the most popular local business directory in Nigeria, is created in 2009 and managed by Global Business Directory Sole Proprietorship based in Lithuania but has a Nigeria domain extension. In its database alone, it has 157k companies listed.

Business List offers Free and Paid business submission.

When you submit your business to Business List as a Nigerian (even outside), you get traffic from people searching locally for the kind of services you render. Visit now:

(2). Nigeria Listing

Nigeria listing is all a business directory specifically for Nigerian business people alone. Before you can put up your business for listing, you need to pay a sum of money. All kinds of businesses can be found on Nigeria Listing. Check out the website:

(3). Vconnect (

Vconnect was born out of a necessity to help create connections that count between service professionals and businesses looking for their services.

VConnect helps connect Trusted service professionals to businesses for all their service needs. Whether it be office repairs, or redoing the interiors, or availing financial services for businesses, Vconnect connects businesses with the best service professionals to get things done.

If not the best business directory, it will be one of the bests. They offer free and paid business submission.

(4). FineLib ( is a website developed and managed by FineLib Technologies Ltd, a Nigerian-based and registered web development company.

Finelib helps businesses that need customers to find them. The platform works in all the areas local customers search which includes online, mobile and more.

Their goal is to develop and grow Nigeria local content in wide variety of topics giving our users the most relevant results for their searches. Visit website:

(5). Nigeriagalleria

Nigeriagalleria is a kind of search engine for Nigerian businesses. It is an information portal that features Businesses, jobs and vacancies, finance, Nigeria country guide, market place and more!  When you have your business submitted or listed, you get exposed to users of Nigeriagalleria.

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(6). NG Contacts is a database with profiles and contacts of businesses in Nigeria and also has the contacts of company executives. You can use Ngcontacts for research and marketing, to promote your products and services, and reach customers in Nigeria and beyond. Visit

(7). Nigeria

NigeriaDirectory is a directory for Nigerian websites and businesses. As a business that has a web presence, it is also a way to a profile link back to your website and increases your Domain Authority. The website has lots of business categories. Go there now and add your business.

(8). (Yalwa Business Directory)

This is a place for internet users who are looking for Nigerian business contact, websites, and reviews. It has all the states in Nigeria on it and provides a guide on how you can make your business searchable online. is a subcategory of a business website based in Germany.

(9). (Abuja Business Directory)

This is a business directory for businesses in Abuja (Capital City of Nigeria) that was founded in 2010 by SEED FOUNDATION. You can find businesses by district and by maps in Abuja. You can find schools in Abuja, Hotels in Abuja, ICT Companies and so much more on

(10). (Choowa Nigeria Business Directory)

This is another local business directory in Nigeria where you, as a businessman can submit your business for listing so that you can yourself exposed to local searchers in your environment. Choowaa was created in 2017. They offer free business listing. All you have to do is sign up and add your business.

(11). (Nigeria Business Directoy by Riatto)

This is an online market in form of a directory. Whenever you are in need of a service, go straight to Riatto. Whenever you have a product or services to render for Nigerians, do well by signing up on Riatto and submit your profile. Visit

(12). Confirmed Nigeria Business Directory

This is a place you submit your business IF YOU ARE BASED IN ABUJA and be discoverable. Let your prospects find your contact address, phone number, and website. If you are an event planner, this is a sure bet for you. Visit:

(13). IMC Business Directory

This is a Nigeria’s Premier Online Business Directory focused on the integrated marketing communication industry in Nigeria. IMC is lolcated at Ikosi road off Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos state. Whatever business you offer, sign up on IMC and submit your business.


Finding local businesses is easy with Easy Find Me. To let people find your business easily online, you can also make use When you submit your business, you will be verified as a reputable Nigerian business. Visit

(15). (Discover Business In Abuja)

This business directory works like other aforementioned directories but is based on businesses in Abuja. You can search for businesses in Abuja by category. Visit the website and submit your business according to the category you want to be found on.

More Local Business Directory In Nigeria

(16). Nigeria Business Links

This is a new business directory in Nigeria and as such hasn’t much information. But, that doesn’t stop you from submitting your business on the website. Visit:
(18). Home Based Business For Small Business
(20). Goodlife Business Directory Nigeria (
(21). Yap Ace Business Directory (

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Wrapping up List of Local Business Directories In Nigeria

In this article, I have given you the list of business directories you should submit/list your business on in Nigeria. Doing this will be helpful to your business and also if you have a web presence. It will be helpful for your website ranking on search engines. If you have not submitted your business to the local business directory before, endeavor to do now.
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