Lionshare Smart Contract: Review & Everything You Need Know

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This is a detailed guide on Lion’s share review covering how Lionshare Smart Contract came about, and how to do Lionshare registration fast.

In this Lionshare Smart Contract review, you will know;

  • What Lionshare is about
  • How works
  • Whether Lionshare is legit or not

Have you heard about smart contract before? You are about to learn more about the newest smart contract in the world.

Lionshare or Lionshare Smart Contract has over 70k people already on it. If you care to join, make sure you don’t skip a line of this article!

About Lion’sshare Smart Contract

Lionshare is a transparent and decentralized peer-to-peer matrix system that is built on the Blockchain network for members to earn Ethereum (second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world).

To simply put, is a platform where you are investing in while Ethereum is the cryptocurrency you are working or will be working with.

Lionshare isn’t different from Forsage Smart Contract. If you know how it works, making money from Lionshare won’t be so difficult.

Who owns Lionshare Smart Contract?

About the owner of Lionshare, the answer is straight forward. Lionshare is not owned by anybody. It is a decentralized and as such created with automated contract that offers maximum security and sustainability.

Lionshare exists with Ethereum Blockchain, the number one cryptographic currency among those which Smart Contract can be created and the number two cryptocurrency.

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Apply Now: Review | Is legit or scam

Lionshare Smart contract registration

How does Lionshare Smart Contract work?

The platform is a self-operating system that can’t be hacked. Remember, it uses Ethereum Smart Contract Technology and is placed directly on the blockchain.

There are two packages on Lionshare Smart Contract via which you or anyone can earn from. See the packages below;

L1 Package on

This is a package where all your personal referrals are placed. This package has 16 levels and when you are done registering, you start from level 1.

Each levels has 3 slots and when you refer someone, they get filled up. The good thing is, you can restart the level again without upgrading.

100% of the first two sales goes straight to you (meaning the first two referrals). The third sales will go up to your upline (the person who referred you) and this will reopen your matrix. You can choose to upgrade or remain at the level.

L2 Package on

On L2 package, team work is vital to earn cool cash. This package allows you work as a team. It also has 16 levels where members can choose to move from levels to levels.

NOTE: In L2 package, the first 2 sales in your matrix go to your upline then 100% of the 3rd, 4th and 5th sales go directly to you. The 6th sales goes to your upline again. You can upgrade or remain.

Why should I upgrade my Lionshare level?

The reason upgrading is cool is because when you do, your earning becomes big. i.e the more you upgrade, the higher your earnings.

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How to earn on Lionshare smart contract

The ways to earn from Lionshare are highlighted below;

  1. REFERRAL: You earn on L1 when you refer members to the platform. If you are on Level 1 (0.02ETH) on L1 Package, you get 0.02ETH when you refer your first referral while L2, you get 0.02ETH summing your total amount for one referral to be 0.04ETH.
    DON’T forget, your third referral goes to your upline.
  2. SPILLOVER: Otherwise called, Overflow. Spillover happens when there are lots of enough people in a team. You can get free ETH when your team is doing amazingly well. But, upgrading increases your chance of getting lots of spillover and you earn more.

Requirements for Lionshare Smart Contract registration

Below are things you need to register on Lionshare.

  1. 0.04ETH + gas fee (0.01ETH)
  2. Ethereum wallet e.g Luno App
  3. Download Trust Wallet – Android only
  4. If you want to use PC, download Meta Mask

Lionshare Registration: How to register on Lionshare Smart Contract Easily

When you are done getting the above requirements, follow the steps below to register

  1. Download and fund your Trust Wallet with about 0.07ETH. Only 0.05ETH will be used
  2. Click on the Dapps section on your Trust Wallet
  3. Copy the registration link, and paste it on the Trust Wallet search bar
  4. When the Lionshare registration page loads, click on Join Now.
  5. After that, a page will show up, click on Purchase
  6. After successful purchase, it will redirect you to your dashboard.

NOTE: If you see insufficient fund and you have at least 0.07ETH in your wallet, try it again the Night around 10pm to 2am.

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Apply Now: Review | Is legit or scam

Lionshare login page

You can only have access to login to Lionshare if you have done your registration and it is successful. To log in, go to your Trust wallet and visit on the browser section. Input your ETH address.

Is Lionshare legit or a scam?

Lionshare is no way a scam. See the reasons below;

  1. No admin is involved on the platform
  2. 100% decentralized
  3. Built on Ethereum Blockchain
  4. Impossible to hack
  5. You need just 0.04ETH to get started
  6. You can earn on different levels
  7. Earnings can be withdrawn to your local bank at anytime
  8. 100% open source smart contract
  9. Instant peer-to-peer pay,emt directly to your wallet.

Wrapping up Lionshare Smart Contract Review

This article has explained everything you need to know about Lionshare Smart Contract and how you can join and start making money. Did you miss Forsage when it started? If you did, please don’t miss this Lion’s share Smart Contract. I hope this article has helped. Should you have any question, drop it in the comment section below

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