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Legit Websites To Make Money Online By Reading News In Nigeria

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Who wouldn’t want to make money online in Nigeria? This is an article on the legit websites to make money online by reading news in Nigeria.

In this descriptive guide, you will learn;

  1. What you need to make money online
  2. Legit websites that pay to read news online in Nigeria
  3. How to register on these websites
  4. How to make money by reading news online in Nigeria

Years ago, there was nothing like read news and get paid doing it. But for the past few years, there have been lots of online income programs in Nigeria. And all they do is try to make life easier for Nigerians considering the tight economy.

Things needed to make money online in Nigeria

As a matter of fact, you don’t need much to make your bank account swell  up in Nigeria. People have been doing it and you too can. The things you need are;

  1. Smartphone or a laptop: Yes, you don’t need to own a cafe to make money online. All you need is either your smartphone and/or a laptop. Waiting till you have a laptop is merely a waste of time.
  2. Determination and passion: You must be determined if you want to achieve anything. Couple with your determination, you must have the passion to make money online. Your determination and passion are what is needed to keep you going in the money-making adventure.
  3. Little investment: Yes, you need a small investment too. Investment of as low as N1500 or less and as high as N3000 will be required of you before you can start making money online in Nigeria. Be prepared!

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Ways to make money by reading news in Nigeria

If you are serious with making money online in Nigeria by reading news, follow the steps below;

  1. Join a legit income program
  2. Login daily to your preferred income program. E.g Giftalworld, LPV Forum, NNU Forum etc.
  3. Read all the latest news for a whole day. Don’t be lazy.
  4. Share the sponsored posts as directed.
  5. Drop your comments on each post you read, at least, 10.
  6. Refer your friends and family to the income program
  7. Submit your article to get paid
  8. Do these over and over…you will be amazed in a week
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NOTE: Most of these sites might have stopped working  by the time you read this article.

Legit Websites To Make Money Online By Reading News In Nigeria

There are lots of these websites out there but because some people are unfortunate to encounter the websites that scam people, they think it is impossible to make money online.

While there are some websites that scam, there are also some legit websites I know of and have been a member. They are;

  1. Giftalworld Income Program (No more working)
  2. NNU Forum (No more working)
  3. LPV Income program
  4. JokosHQ (For Bloggers majorly)
  5. Newspay

1). Giftalworld Income: About & Registration

Giftalworld Income is one IF not the best read news and get paid website in Nigeria.

Giftalworld was founded in 2018 by Raji Ibrahim with the mind of making sure Nigerians do not waste their precious time online with nothing.

FACT: Giftalworld has 147k members. If it is not legit,do you think people will be there?

How to do Giftalworld registration

The registration fee for Giftalworld is N3000. The good thing about it is that, you get a bonus of N3000 immediately you do your registration.

Part of the ways you make money on Giftalworld is that, you get N1600 whenever you refer anyone and the person becomes a registered member.

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You also stand the chance of winning N100,000 waffle draw.

There is no limit to what you can make daily and you don’t have to refer before you cash out on Giftalworld.

Is Giftalworld legit?

I’m emphatically saying, Giftalworld is legit.

2). NNU Forum: About & Registration

NNU Forum is the version 2 of the earlier NNU income program. It is the first kind of websites to make money online by reading news in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, it is what most Nigeria income programs copy.

Paul Samson founded NNU Forum with his crew.

FACT: NNU Forum has 105k+ members and has paid N29m+ to his members.

NNU Forum Registration

The registration of NNU Forum is simple and it is like every other platforms. To register and become a premium member of NNU Forum, you need a sum of N1400.

How to make money on NNU Forum?

  1. You make money from referring others. N1000 per every person you refer.
  2. You make money reading news
  3. You make money commenting on news you read
  4. You make money when you share sponsored post
  5. You make money when you submit your own article
  6. And more…

Is NNU Forum legit?

NNU Forum was legit but not anymore. It has stopped paying.

3). JokosHQ Income & Traffic for Bloggers

JokosHQ was founded by Prince John Okosun popularly called Blogging Prince earlier this year, 2020. He created this forum for to help bloggers make money online and at the same time drive traffic to their blogs with their own blog post.

I have exclusively written on JokosHQ.

4). LPV Forum: About & Registration

Lpvforum is owned by Pynith Limited, a registered ICT firm in Nigeria with Registration Number – RC 1526865.

With a physical office address at ES 04 Jahi District Jahi Abuja, No 34, Old karu market road, Karu Abuja. Nigeria.

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LPV Forum works just NNU Forum and Giftalworld income programs.

LPV Forum Registration

To be a registered/premium member of LPV Forum, you need just the minimum of N1,500 to do your registration. Once you register, you will be on your way to making money online.

Is LPV Forum legit?

Although, I haven’t tried out LPV Forum myself but based on what I read about them and what I have seen, they promised to be a legit income program in Nigeria.

5). Opera News Hub

A platform to make money online to write in Nigeria.
Read about Opera News Hub here

6). NewsPay Forum Income Bundle

NewsPay is another legit get paid to read news online website in Nigeria. It works just like every other but with slight difference.

7). Naira Promo (might have crashed)

Naira Promo is not a read news to get paid program. It was created in April, 2020 by Adedayo Oluwafemi. Naira Promo is an advertising agency that pays his members for promoting ad campaigns on their Facebook timeline.

The subscription plans starts from N1,000 to N10,000. So you will surely see a plan you can afford.

Naira Promo is a way to make money with Facebook.

Wrapping up legit websites to make money online by reading news in Nigeria

Some of the legit websites to get paid while reading news online in Nigeria have been highlighted above. Are you still cashless don’t know how to make money online in Nigeria?

Take up one of these income programs and see you won’t be broke again.

These lists are not all there is when it comes to making money online. As soon I find out more legit income programs, I shall update this article.

Don’t read alone. Endeavor to share with friends.

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