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How to use cheetahpay to convert airtime to cash

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An Easy Way to Cash Out Airtime

For many Nigerians, having excess airtime credits is a common occurrence which can be caused by either mistake or getting airtime in money from someone else which you intend exchanging to cash. While useful for making calls and sending texts, this airtime just sits idle if not needed. Cheetahpay provides a convenient solution to monetize unused airtime balances and put the cash in your account.

How Does Cheetahpay Work?

Cheetahpay operates through two main methods – depositing via their online dashboard system, or using the quick cash option for instant conversions without an account.

Depositing Through the Dashboard

Creating a Cheetahpay account is free and simple. You just need your phone number and email. Once registered, follow these steps:

1. Login to your dashboard using your phone number and password

2. Select “Deposit Airtime” and enter the PIN of the recharge card you want to cash out

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3. Confirm the network and amount has been correctly detected

4. Your available balance will instantly reflect the airtime value deposited

5. To withdraw funds, select “Cash Out” and provide your bank details

6. Your money will be sent directly to your linked account

7. You can also deposit multiple cards and build a larger balance over time

The dashboard lets you conveniently track transactions and cash out amounts more cost effectively compared to one-time quick cash conversions. It’s highly suitable for high volume airtime traders.

Using the Quick Cash Option

For occasional users, the quick cash process takes just 3 simple steps:

1. Visit and select “Quick Cash”

2. Enter your airtime PIN, phone number, network and amount

3. Your cash will be instantly sent to the linked bank on file

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No registration or account is needed, allowing airtime to be monetized quickly in a single transaction. However, the instant fee charged is slightly higher than dashboard deposits.

Additional Services Available

Cheetahpay also enables various value-added services through their platform:

– Buying cheap internet data bundles from all major networks

– Paying DSTV, GOtv and Startimes subscription fees easily

– Settling electricity bills nationwide for all distribution companies

– Topping up airtime for yourself or sending airtime to others

– Integration tools for merchants to accept airtime as payment

– A dedicated Android app for on-the-go access to services

This creates a one-stop shop where various digital needs can be fulfilled seamlessly using airtime or cash credits.

Key Benefits

The main upsides of leveraging Cheetahpay include:

– Highly competitive airtime to cash rates

– Instant conversion of deposits within 3 minutes maximum

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– Reliable and trusted platform used by thousands daily

– Round-the-clock service availability including weekends

– Convenient bank settlement without hassles

– Additional value-adding services under one roof

Cashing Out With Cheetahpay

To conclude, Cheetahpay presents an extremely simple, fast, affordable and trusted way of liquidating excess airtime into usable cash. Both individuals and businesses can benefit substantially from their seamless systems. Take advantage of this efficient solution for monetizing those idle airtime assets today!


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