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How to Change Stats in Anime Champions Simulator – 5-Star Champion

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In Anime Champions Simulator, character stats play a vital role in determining a player’s strength and abilities. The concept of changing and optimizing stats is closely linked to the idea of modifying “Talents” – special attributes that contribute to overall stats. In this guide, we will explore how the stat changing system works, provide tips on navigating it effectively, and discuss advanced strategies like stat locking.

Unlocking the Ability to Change Stats

To begin modifying stats, players must first unlock this ability by rerolling their character’s “Quirk” multiple times. Quirks are unique super powers that provide combat advantages. Each time a player rerolls their Quirk, they gain experience toward unlocking additional features.

Once a player has rerolled their Quirk a total of five times, they will gain access to the option of “Rerolling Talents” from the menu. Talents represent a character’s skills and intrinsic attributes that influence their base stats. By rerolling Talents, the associated stats can potentially increase or decrease at random.

It’s important for players to work towards this initial goal of unlocking the Talent reroll option. The progression loop of rerolling Quirks five times adds an achievement-based structure to the unlocking process.

Understanding How Talents Affect Stats

There are six main base stats in Anime Champions that influence a character’s abilities:

– Strength
– Dexterity
– Intelligence
– Constitution
– Speed
– Charisma

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Each time a player levels up, they gain attribute points to distribute across these stats manually. However, Talents provide additional bonuses on top of this through intrinsic boosts.

For example, a “Muscle” Talent may increase Strength, while an “Agility” Talent boosts Dexterity. By rerolling Talents, the connected stat boosts have a chance to change randomly. This direct link between Talents and stats is important to grasp for effective stat optimization.

Random vs. Semi-Targeted Changes

When rerolling Talents, the resulting stat adjustments are determined largely at random. There is no way to target specific stats directly. Players can only restart the randomization process repeatedly and hope for favorable outcomes.

However, one semi-targeted method is to choose Talents that advertise boosts to desired attributes before locking them in. For instance, if Dexterity is the priority, select a Talent like “Agility” that hints at boosting that stat specifically.

While still randomized, factoring Talent names into the selection process raises the probability of related stats increasing to some degree compared to random picks alone. Combined with lots of tries, this balanced approach improves chances of shaping stats over time.

When to Reroll vs. When to Keep

As a random system, rerolling Talents/stats does not guarantee desired changes each attempt. Due to variance, even seemingly negative rerolls may later improve with patience. Too many rerolls in quick succession also waste the limited “Talent Reset Tokens” used to initialize the process.

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My recommendation is to thoroughly test new Talent combinations in combat trials before accepting or rejecting changes. Minor reductions to non-priority stats may still yield overall upgrades when factoring synergy.

Only reroll if disappointed after experimenting. Otherwise, continue progressing naturally and reassess needs periodically to maximize outcomes over numerous attempts versus chasing fleeting individual “wins.” Manage expectations and think long-term for optimal character shaping.

Additional Considerations

– Prioritize a few core attack or support stats rather than spreading thin across many
– Save reset tokens for higher player levels when higher quality Talents unlock
– Avoid rerolling if pleased with current progression path
– Make changes incrementally versus radical overhauls for stability
– Experiment frequently in lower stakes PvE versus competitive PvP
– Consult community Talent tier lists for “meta” combinations

With patience and strategy, satisfactory stat optimization becomes reliably achievable over the long haul. Focus on the journey, not isolated results.

Introducing the Stat Lock Feature

To provide stability and target precise stats, players gain access to a “Stat Lock” option after achieving certain progression milestones. This allows permanently preserving chosen attributes from randomization effects.

Each stat that becomes “locked” does cost additional reset tokens to reroll the remaining random stats, creating a risk vs. reward decision. Locking stats with a favored high “S” or “SS” ranking that directly influence playstyles is usually recommended, like coveted Speed increases.

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Carefully examine which stats matter most for a given character archetype before committing to locks. Only a limited number can be selected, so choose attributes central to strengths or roles. Stability comes at the price of flexibility, so pick carefully based on investment goals.

Strategically Allocating Tokens

With practice, talented optimizers can shape well-rounded builds leveraging locks. Suppose Speed is locked at SS while Strength and Constitution remain flexible. Focus future reset tokens on elevating those secondary stats to more beneficial levels through repeated randomized rolls of unlocked attributes.

Over time and many attempts, I’ve found desirable stat balances within 10-15% of targets for most characters. Patience and prudence trump impulse with this system. Lock signature attributes, invest remaining tokens strategically, and accept inevitable variance for reasonable optimization near-guarantees.


The Stat and Talent modification dynamic in Anime Champions Simulator takes thoughtful strategy to reliably navigate. With an understanding of the interwoven mechanics and randomized processes involved, it becomes feasible to manifest desired stat configurations through repeated effort. The key is approaching optimization as an holistic, long-term endeavor shaped by key priorities rather than singular outcomes. Stat locking provides welcome stability for keystone attributes too. Through diligence, any player can gain proficiency with optimizing characters.

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