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How Many Pizzas You Should Buy for a Group (A Helpful Chart)

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Planning a group meal can be both exciting and challenging, especially when it involves the universally loved dish – pizza. In this guide, we’ll break down the ideal quantity of pizzas to order based on the number of people, occasions, and budget considerations. Plus, we’ll explore the best places to buy in bulk, comparing both delivery and frozen options.

Determining Quantity:

For General Events: When estimating how much pizza to order, a good rule of thumb is to buy one pizza for every five people. This ensures that everyone gets at least two slices, striking a balance between satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

People Pizzas
5 1
10 2
15 3

Exceptions may arise based on your crowd’s appetite, so adjust accordingly. For hungry teenagers or formal parties, consider ordering more pizzas to cater to varying appetites.

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For Children’s Birthday Parties:

Children typically eat less, so for a kids’ birthday party with adults in attendance, buying 5-6 pizzas for a group of 20 is often sufficient. Stick to classic options like cheese or pepperoni to cater to young taste buds.

For Parties:

For more casual or informal gatherings, especially if it might extend into the night, consider ordering 10 or more pizzas. People may eat more as the event progresses, and having extra pizza ensures everyone stays satisfied.

For Picnics:

Picnics offer a variety of tastes, so opt for two or three medium pizzas to accommodate diverse preferences within a family.

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Best Places to Buy in Bulk:

Ordering: If you’re considering delivery, compare prices among major pizza chains:

  • Dominos: $11.99
  • Little Caesars: $5.00
  • Papa Johns: $14.05
  • Pizza Hut: $11.49

Little Caesars emerges as the most economical choice, even earning a stellar 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews.

Buying Frozen:

For a more budget-friendly option, consider frozen pizzas:

  • Tombstone: $3.34
  • DiGiorno: $5.49
  • Red Baron: $4.99
  • California Pizza Kitchen: $8.39

While frozen pizzas may require preparation time, they often come at a lower cost.

Other Tips:

  • Stick to Two Toppings: Opt for basic cheese or pepperoni to save on costs, as many businesses offer two toppings for the price of one.
  • Buy Sides: If budget constraints limit the number of pizzas, supplement with sides to provide variety and ensure everyone finds something they enjoy.
  • Plan for Surprises: Account for unexpected guests or cancellations by ordering a bit more than initially planned.
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Mastering the art of ordering the right amount of pizza for your event involves considering the occasion, audience, and budget. By following these guidelines and tips, you’ll not only keep your guests satisfied but also ensure a budget-friendly and delicious experience. Enjoy your pizza party!

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