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How Many Pounds of Pulled Pork for 200 Sandwiches?

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Are you gearing up to cater for a sizable gathering and want to ensure you serve the perfect pulled pork sandwiches? Calculating the right amount of meat is crucial to avoid hungry guests and unnecessary expenses. Let’s dive into the details to help you plan efficiently.

How Much Pulled Pork Do You Need?

For 200 pulled pork sandwiches, aim for 50 pounds of cooked pork or 100 pounds of uncooked pork. If using bone-in cuts, consider around 110 to 115 pounds to account for the bone weight. Catering services typically allocate 4 ounces (0.25 pounds) of pork per sandwich, making it a convenient rule of thumb.

Here’s a handy table for different quantities of sandwiches:

Number of Sandwiches 250 200 150 100 50 25 10 5 1
Pounds of Pulled Pork (Cooked) 62.5 50 37.5 25 12.5 6.25 2.5 1.25 0.25
Pounds of Pulled Pork (Uncooked) 125 100 75 50 25 12.5 5 2.5 0.50
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Remember, pork tends to cook down to about half its size due to fat content breaking down during cooking. It’s safer to calculate based on cooked pork, then double that amount for raw pulled pork.

Tips for Cooking and Serving Large Quantities

Cooking for a crowd requires careful planning. Whether using a smoker, grill, or roasting oven, ensure even cooking to avoid overdone or undercooked portions. Using slow cookers can keep the meat moist and tender, making transportation easier.

Serve pulled pork as needed to keep it fresh and at the right temperature. Consider diverse flavor profiles, offering mild options and various sauces for guests to customize their sandwiches.

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Making Perfect Pulled Pork

For flavorful and juicy pulled pork, follow these tips:

  • Oven Cooking: Set the temperature to 400°F, allowing 35 minutes per pound. Use a meat thermometer to ensure the pork reaches at least 145°F before resting for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Grilling/Smoking: Cook at 145°F to 205°F. Experiment with wood pellets for added flavor – hickory for a dark bark, apple or cherry for a sweeter taste.

Pulled pork is forgiving; even if slightly undercooked or overcooked, it remains delicious. Explore various recipes online while incorporating these tips for a tender and juicy outcome.

Best Cuts of Meat for Pulled Pork

Three cuts work wonders for pulled pork:

  1. Pork Shoulder: High-fat content for tenderness and moisture.
  2. Boston Butt: Smaller cut from the shoulder with consistent shape.
  3. Picnic Roast: Similar to Boston Butt but includes more bone for added flavor.
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Cuts to Avoid for Pulled Pork

Stay away from cuts like belly, leg, sirloin chops, and pork loins, as they lack the necessary texture and flavor for perfect pulled pork.

Pricing Considerations

Pork prices vary, but it’s generally more affordable than other meats. Prices per pound range from $3 or more, making it an economical choice for serving a large number of guests.


mastering the art of pulled pork for large gatherings involves precise planning, cooking techniques, and choosing the right cuts. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be on your way to serving a crowd-pleasing pulled pork feast.

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