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Design A Forum Like Nairaland Using WordPress

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Do you know you can design a forum like nairaland using WordPress? Yes, you can. In this article, I will reveal to you two ways you can design a forum with WordPress using a few plugins.

What is a forum?

A forum is simply an online community where people share topics that interest them. A forum may serve multiple topics or a single topic in the case of forums embedded in already built websites for registered members. An example of a popular forum in Nigeria is Nairaland and others.

Can forums be built with WordPress?

Yes, you can build a forum on WordPress (the most used Content Management System) coupled with a few plugins. You can embed a forum into your already-designed website or blog or turn your website into a full forum.

Things to note when you include a forum on your website

Having a forum with your website or turning your website into a forum means you are ready to grant everyone access to posting topics that interest them. Some of which will be reasonable and some spam. When thinking of a forum, think of ways to handle it;

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Spam: Coupled with an anti-spam plugin you will use, you will also need human moderators.

Security: The more your forum grows the more you are exposed to hackers(enemies) who may want to bring down your forum. Make sure you enable strong security measures. A pro-security plugin will be the right choice.

Disk space: You can’t use a low disk space web hosting account for a forum. You’ll need at least 20GB of disk space and prepare to upgrade as time goes on.

Two ways to design Forum with WordPress

I will not be going deeply into forum creation on WordPress but I will show you the things you need. Below are two ways you can build forums using WordPress.

  1. Using bbpress plugin and its addons: bbpress forum plugin works with virtually all themes but I recommend; Astra, Neve, Hello Elementor (with Elementor page builder), Frontier WordPress theme, and some others. When you install this plugin, also install some of its add-ons or plugins that complement it. You may also need to use a pro Ultimate membership plugin. When done, you should have something close to this: HealthWorkersBio Forum
  2. Using front-end post submission plugin (What I used): I will be showing you the tools I used to build a forum-like Nairaland on WordPress.
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How I build a forum like Nairaland using WordPress

Before you read further, check out the forum here:

Forum like nairaland using wordpress demo

The list of plugins I used

  1. Elementor
  2. Elementor Pro
  3. Post view counter
  4. User Submitted Post
  5. Yoast SEO
  6. Login Recaptcha
  7. Cache plugin
  8. Redirection

WordPress theme I used

Hello Elementor + Elementor page builder

Other things used: PHP, HTML, and CSS to add animations and extra features.

The pages are built with elementor pro + tags from the user submitted post.

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About the forum speed. It is fast because I didn’t make the featured images displayed on the home page. The only images on the home page are the logo and adverts banners.

When you use the User Submitted Post, you have the option to let members’ posts go to draft or publish immediately, whichever you want it.

Where I used PHP, HTML, and CSS

  • The welcome animation text was done with PHP
  • Create New Topic bookmark was done with HTML
  • The login and registration page was styled with CSS
  • The forum background was styled with CSS

Do you need the template for the forum?

I will give you the Elementor templates, free Elementor pro plugin, and the PHP and CSS codes used while I also guide you on how to install it to match your website, for a token of $75. Chat with me now and let’s talk.

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